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The Serpent Warrior-bookcover

By: P. Edwards

The Serpent Warrior

Pages: 438 Ratings: 5.0
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A mystical tale of a half Scythian, half Mongolian warrior called ‘Manu Kai’, who was born to a Scythian tribal Chieftain. Set in Scythia around 2400 B.C., the raw brutality of the age, and his bitter and justifiable hatred of the rising Roman Empire, creates conflict between his role within the Agari priesthood and his duty as a warrior and future leader of his people. He is destined to face many trials and tribulations along the way, but perhaps the greatest trial of all will be facing his own inner demons which threaten to engulf him at every turn, and will eventually drive him to the very edge of reason.

P. Edwards was born in Pontypool in South Wales, and now lives in Newport with her family and two rescue cats. She has a wide range of interests that include listening to music, travel, reading and ancient history, and she loves nothing more than to be traipsing through an ancient forest, or surrounded by some old ancient ruins somewhere. When she’s not doing any of this, she simply likes to spend some quality time with old friends or close family.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Jeanette Davies

    Pulled me in from the start couldn’t put it down, highly recommend

  • Kyle

    Amazing story!
    So gripping and captivating
    I couldn’t put it down!
    One of my favourite reads in a long time

  • G Oliver

    This book had me hooked right from the word go, and it managed to keep my interest right the way through to the end. I really enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommended it.

  • Larry

    The Serpent Warrior has a distinct audience in mind - anyone with even a passing interest in the occult would be fascinated by the setup of the story as well as the details of Kai's (the central character) disciplines, practices and rituals. But more than this, and this is where the book comes into it's own, is the heart of the story itself. The question of where we turn when all seems lost, how can we bring together the disparate parts of our lives amidst discord and disagreement about who and what we are...when we are caught in between two contradictory forces and desires. These are all issues Kai faces, and are also highly relatable situations that many of us experience. For me, this is what really brings the book to life. Of course, there is occult philosophy and practice aplently, but it actually supports and blends into the story rather than distracts from it. Kai's life reads as a single story and not two parallel threads (his occult practice and his life experience) bumping against each other. The editing is obviously very well thought out and so the balance is excellent. Besides, one cannot separate Kai from his personal philosophy and practice anymore than you can separate any character in any story from their motivations.

    The Serpent Warrior is a rare gem for a book that chooses an occult theme. One that keeps a compelling narrative going whilst expanding one's knowledge - and sometimes reminding the reader that it is all too easy to lose our balance, to lose our way but with humility and understanding - and facing the defeat of our best thought plans - we can return to our better selves once more. Sounds a homily -but the violence and catastrophe of Kai's times makes it so much more.

    As I said - this is a book with a specific audience in mind, but the central narrative is so strong that it rises above that specificity and becomes a highly relatable story for anyone with a broad frame of reference, an open mind and a love of a good tale well told.

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