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The Sicilian Favour! -bookcover

By: Peter Oredsson

The Sicilian Favour!

Pages: 455 Ratings: 1.7
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Indulge yourself in a world of intrigue, drugs, murder and the criminal underworld in Peter Oredsson's The Sicilian Favour! The human condition is brought very much into sharp focus with the author's defining characterisation which demonstrates the twin governing principles that often dominate in life, fear and greed. A clever plotline weaves all the threads together resulting in an unexpected and impossible to predict conclusion, linking together seemingly unconnected people with dramatic and devastating results. The Sicilian Favour! has an international setting and is a compelling tale which will keep the reader's attention to the end via a mix of horrible fascination and personal empathy with the plight of some of the main characters. For those readers that believe in luck both good and bad and fate, there is a liberal sprinkling of all of these too as the plot twists and turns through to its dramatic ending. The Sicilian Favour! Is a real page turner from an established author who knows just what it takes to keep the reader's attention.  

Peter Oredsson was born and raised in Hässlehom, Sweden. He completed only nine years of compulsory schooling with marks well below the average standard. This forced him into hard labour jobs in different factories. At the age of only sixteen years, he moved away from home and became self-sufficient.

As a twenty-three-year-old, Peter migrated alone to Australia. He did not have a great knowledge of the English language, but that did not stop him from finding gainful employment and a wife who blessed him with two children.

He had natural tendencies towards sales and marketing and persuaded a multi-national industrial company to employ him as a technical sales representative. This created an interest in further education and, after seven years at night school, he graduated with a degree in business, majoring in marketing.

This provided him with the opportunity to mix with the business elite around the world as a Marketing Manager, Global Sales Manager and Managing Director. He also acted as a marketing consultant to many major international companies through his own company.

The Sicilian Favour is Peter's third published book. His previous books Blood-Line Incursion and Peeta Oreda and the Power of Numbers are works of children's fiction and they were published in 2009 and 2010 respectively.


Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Douglas M. Smith

    Just finished reading The Sicilian Favour, what a stunner!
    Surprising in parts, emotive in others. Certainly not your usual Crime Thriller. Absolutely loved it.
    Any more books by PO?

  • Anne Howard

    What a fabulous story. I really liked the characterisation and the way the author brought all the threads together and I thought the ending was very clever and quite unexpected. It was a very enjoyable read!

  • Eddie Rosén

    The Sicilian favour have all the elements I would like a good story to have!
    Interesting characters with diverse backgrounds that makes the story fascinating! It is definitely not like other criminal thrillers that I have read! It is better!

  • Sweden

    A must read for everyone, especially if you will go to or have been to Melbourne. An unusual thriller with lots of unexpected events and a clever ending. A page turner!

  • Faustina15

    i have began to find how thrilling this book is quite captivating from the preview I could get an idea of what the book is about n its making me feel like am part of the thrilling crime character in the book. Its a must read.

  • Therese C. Larsson

    A thriller that stands out in its own genre

    Imagine scenes taken straight out of your favourite mafia movie. Picture secret cartels, trafficking, drugs and abusive powerful men. And then add a twist to it. Something unexpected. It´s like reality meets fiction in the book The Sicilian favour, or? Cause sometimes I wonder if some of the brilliant parts are inspired from the writer’s own life.

    What I really liked about The Sicilian favour was the strong female characters and some new and interesting elements you normally don´t find in a criminal fiction. It makes it stand out among the vast number of books in its own genre. You can almost feel the writer’s curiosity for alternative lifestyles, cultural differences and ongoing issues regarding some social classes. It is a long read, but it is full of excitement, leads and some pitfalls you might fall into trying to guess the outcome. Exciting is what it is!
    As a reader, one gets to follow a few different characters point of view throughout the whole book. All with different problems to face. A policeman’s hardship facing horrible crimes, the victims fright or the forced to-be-a-criminal, people who once was just like you and me. Like anyone until they got forced into a criminal underworld. To stay afloat or without a choice. Trying to protect their loved ones. Meet the wanted woman in disguise, her whole life circulating about trying to hide from the beast of a man. A past haunting her despite a memory loss that might prove to be crucial.
    Trying not to give away too much, here is one of the characters that intrigued me the most. It’s like a glimpse into history with a twist of its own. A time of rebellion and violence in the past leads to a new chapter in Australia for a Greek family. But you can´t rewrite history, only deny it and try to hide it. And staying concealed from the Mafia is a task of lifelong secrets. One gets a feeling of the old-fashioned look on women in the Greek culture in contrast to the modern and independent woman in today’s Australian society. A new chapter to be written, one that takes us down some dark roads. But with an unexpected crossing and an unknown destination, it sure is a thrilling journey for the reader!

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