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The Sickness -bookcover

By: Yazarah

The Sickness

Pages: 319 Ratings: 4.0
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Hiro Sheuri lives a semi-comfortable life in the middle of a forest inhabited by territorial Jinns, except for the minor annoyance of being possessed by a Vampire Spirit. He has an easy job, cleaning up after the creatures of the Secret World run riot in human cities. He must hide the existence of demons but they have started obliterating whole cities. His life becomes unwelcomingly interesting when he is attacked on what was supposed to be a straightforward job, by his enemy the A’richeils, hauntingly beautiful beings that feed on emotions.  Hiro’s world turns destructive and dark when he discovers the creatures are being infected by a sickness that is driving them insane. While Hiro investigates the cause of this sickness, a new dark power appears that has the potential to devastate both the human and Spirit world.Darkness and death, monsters and madness clash in a world gone insane.

Yazarah, a 22-year-old psychology graduate, loves delving into the dark places of the mind. Her fascination with the supernatural started young: wondering through woods, watching horror and drawing witches (instead of princesses!). Inspired by her life, religion and fighting for an identity as a British Asian, her way of breaking stereotypes is through writing.

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1 reviews
  • Elyatha Eli

    Action-based dystopian fantasy with cultural diversity...

    “The openness and huge expanse of the night swallowed her. The unknown, the vulnerability of having her senses rendered almost useless, sent a thrill of fearful excitement she hadn’t felt in so long.”

    The world is shattering, people live in their villages under protective domes, and a mysterious sickness is slowly spreading across the world. The apocalypse is nearing when the main characters—a young vampire boy Hiro, angel Raenik and a puzzling girl named Ray meet in a collapsed hospital.

    The mysterious creatures—A’richeils (something between demons and fairies)—seem to be responsible for the upcoming chaos, but (similar to my own stories) not all villains are truly the ones to blame. There are quite a few characters to memorise, but I loved the cultural diversity of all creatures. Although the main character (Hiro) is a vampire, his circle of friends consists of Jins, Werewolves, Angles and whatnot, each a member of a different race both magically and the way we know it in the human world. I loved seeing how this story unravels and lets me explore other cultures in dystopian settings. If you enjoy books with detailed surroundings, strong friendships, lots of magic and action, fights for a good while battling internal evil—the Sickness may be a book for you.

    Although this story has no romance, and it’s written from the 3rd person POV, I enjoyed the dystopian, action-based world. Reading in 3rd person makes me feel distant from the stories, but this book made me watch an anime in my head (which is an amazing alternative when I struggle with reading books in 3rd person).

    The reason I’m not giving 5 stars is that the book could do with a better editor, and I felt like the story would be better if written in 1st person from multiple POVs. There were times when I dived into reading Ray’s thoughts, and it suddenly switched to Hiro or Luke and slapped me out of the moment. But overall, this was a good break from romance, I loved the diversity of all creatures/cultures, and I enjoyed all friendships, humour and internal fights. In other words—this was a great read. I hope the author will write more details about Raenik in the sequel as it seemed like an important sidekick I'd love, but his story wasn't revealed yet.

    I'm waiting for the sequel!

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