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The Silent Bird Sings from the Nest-bookcover

By: Chukwuma Julius Okonkwo

The Silent Bird Sings from the Nest

Pages: 124 Ratings: 5.0
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Poetry touches every aspect of human life. It is an expression of things that affect us, a reflection of the way things are in societies, and a means through which we can freely speak to other people. It does not matter what culture you embrace, your racial background, religion, sexual orientation or body size. Poetry goes above culture, race, religion, sex and body size. Poetry can be food for the soul. It has the potential for healing and nourishment. This book is a constellation of poems which cut across various genres of poetry. With the adventures, romanticism, fantasies, sentimental collections, dedications, eulogies and humours that are reflected in the poems, the book takes readers on a journey and enlivens them after each journey. The diversity of poems in this book is an attestation to its richness. I hope that such richness brings you hope and happiness.

The author is a hopeless romantic poet, freelance writer and development aficionado, who likes to describe himself as a nobody and unconventional. His poems have featured in many online media, including African Street Writers, Heart & Mind Zine and The Voices Project. He maintains a personal blog, where writes on spectrum of socioeconomic and political issues in Nigeria and around the world. His articles and essays have been published in various online and printed media in Nigeria and Australia. He is obsessively passionate about leading a purposeful and sustainable life. He currently writes for Salutas Magazine, a Global Health Magazine published by Melbourne University Health Initiative (MUHI).

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Barrister Prince Uche Darlington

    In the book, The Silent Bird Sings from the Nest, the author, Chukwuma, turned his passion for poetry into a master act, demonstrating his divine call for art of writing and art of expression. I am impressed with the way he carried me on a journey to different destinations of love, happiness, hopefulness, dedication, eulogy, and nostalgia. I am looking forward to another master act by this passionate and talented poet.

  • K. Micheal Yilma

    The Silent Bird Sings from the Nest is an anthology of captivating poetry covering a broad range of themes. Combining vigour and sophistication, the book tells immersive stories of love, politics, peace, family and many more. A book worth a read.

  • Charity Dodoo

    I enjoy a good number of the 84 poems in the poetry book titled ' The silent bird sings from the Nest'. With a wide spectrum of topics; from love & romance, fear, culture, relationships, religion and even the environment, the book navigated me through the past, present and future. Memories of grief, happiness and hope with profound inspiration and connection. Well done. I keep going back to page 29 to re-live the experience and also remake it because for me, truly 'life is such a lifeless object without family'. The book was worth reading.

  • Ekwueme Ngozi Juliet

    In his debut collection of poetry, Chuma (as he prefers to be called) exposes an appreciation of women, nature, literary writing, love, hope, family, friendship, patriotism, African culture and a better world. That appreciation is evident in the poems he dedicated to women, his mother, his motherland and continent - Africa. And that appreciation, for me, is something that connects the reader to the poems in a way that is intriguing, yet at the same time emotional. The poem titled “Intolerance” tells us how much we have destroyed ourselves with hatred, yet it reminds us that we can build a better world if we cast aside our intolerance. However, the author offers a variety of pleasures, ranging from the pleasure of rhymes, to the pleasure of romantic nostalgia, and to the pleasure of a sense of place. His poems about Africa and family remind us, particularly readers from African descent, that our sense of place are largely rooted in our culture and experiences. These are nature’s gifts we must share in our own ways. Indeed, Chuma has shared his own gifts in the book.

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