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By: Simon Curtis

The Swordsmith

Pages: 272 Ratings: 4.8
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The Swordsmith is set in the darkest of the Dark Ages, during the early settlement of England by the Anglo Saxons. It is a time of danger and violence where a boy like Osgar
leaves childhood early and is thrust into the battle between Christian and Pagan, Angles and Britons. When his village is raided by Cadrod of Calchfynedd, Osgar sees his father killed and his mother and twin brother taken. His life takes on one purpose; to avenge his father and to rescue his family.
Osgar proves his worth in battle and at the anvil, becoming a blacksmith apprentice to his uncle. While his mother and brother live the pain and humiliation of slavery, he learns the craft of the swordsmith. Eventually, after skirmishes and minor battles, he joins Cuthwulf’s army to fight Cadrod, in a battle to determine the survival of the Anglo Saxons and the future of Britain.
There are five kings and a saint in this story. They all truly lived at this time. Osgar, his brother and mother meet all of them.

Dr. Simon Curtis has lived in Suffolk, England, all his life. He has been a farrier, shoeing horses and working with iron since 1972. Simon was awarded a doctorate by the University of Central Lancashire, in equine locomotion and physiology in 2017, has lectured in 30 countries on the subject of farriery and published five text books. His interest in the Anglo-Saxon period of history has led to The Swordsmith, his first work of fiction.

Customer Reviews
12 reviews
12 reviews
  • Chris Gregory

    I was able to get an advance copy of the Swordsmith for review. I found it to be a gripping and engaging tale of a time that we only get to visit between the covers of great tales like this one. The vivid imagery and character development that Simon produced in his story held my imagination and made me regret it when the book was over. For those of us that like historical fiction written by authors with skill, this is a great read that will leave you hoping that Simon has another book in him to let out. Enjoy.

  • Gavin Moody

    Great first novel by this author, a real page turner.

  • Nicola coe

    A great read , I thoroughly enjoyed this book , would definitely recommend and looking forward to more from this author .

  • Peter Williamson

    I chose the e-book format, which flows really nicely. I have already finished the Swordsmith within just a few days! I love well researched and engrossing medieval stories which there simply are not enough of, so this ticked all of my boxes off. Also, I really enjoyed exploring an area that I do not know a lot so I will be looking out for more East Angle / Anglo Saxon books like this in future. Thanks a lot!

  • Brian

    I particularly like the blend of fact and fiction. I am a bit of a stickler for historical correctness but I think it works well. A solid first novel and exploration into an exciting tumultuous time our history.

  • El Herrador

    The Swordsmith is a novel set in the early medieval period or Dark Ages. Very few stories seem to have been set in this post Roman period. It is a great read which goes beyond the “sword and sandals” genre. Although it covers 12 years, it races along. The places and people were believable, even though nothing is known about the seven historical figures found in the story. The main protagonist, Osgar, an Angle and his uncle, a Jute, occupy much of the tale. Osgar is an apprentice blacksmith to his uncle and eventually learns the skills of sword-making. There are skirmishes and battles to survive and antagonists, both Angle and Briton.
    There is a deeper meaning, which may relate to today, in much of the story. Immigration, slavery, growing up, security, religious and cultural clashes are part of every chapter. Probably most importantly, to the readers of this genre, it is a page turner with plenty of cliff edges. If you like The Last Kingdom, you will love this, set 300 years earlier.

  • paul horner

    A fantastic read!

  • S. Muelle

    This novel is a blinding burst of light into the darkest of Dark Ages, the settling of the Germanic tribes in the 6th century to create the land we know as England. As the true craftsman Simon Curtis is, he has carefully researched all the elements needed to forge this work. Where historians don't agree, we get a more than plausible description of how things might have been. Accurate descriptions of blacksmithing are a very rare occurrence in novels and films, as a Farrier turned Bladesmith I found myself delighting in the descriptions in the book, Simon's first hand, lifelong experience shines through.
    It's a joy to read, a true page turner that satisfies the reader on all accounts.

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