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By: Don Woods

The Waterfall

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Matthew Beamish was a 36-year-old writer of romantic stories that were widely read throughout Europe and Scandinavia. After being devastated by the wife he had worshipped and adored divorced him, he had completely lost the will to write anymore, even though his publisher was plaguing him to finish his latest novel which had almost been completed before his wife had found someone more exciting to be with and remarry.

Wrongly, he had blamed himself for his wife’s unhappiness, as the people who bought his best-selling romances wanted to see the man who wrote them in the flesh. So invariably this had meant long times overseas on book signing tours. And Jean, his beautiful wife, loved the parties and good times that being with a famous author brought. She soon got bored being alone and searched and found another rich man who would happily spend his money on her.

So Matt, as he liked to be known, had returned to his favourite spot in Norway. A site of the most stunning splendour. A waterfall that cascaded down the mountain that was situated in between a forest of trees of all descriptions, the colours of which any artist could paint a masterpiece from. It had been here that he had found the inspiration to write his stories.

Now he was hoping to get back the will to write once more. But he could not get the picture of his darling ex-wife from his mind and more and more turned to the bottle to escape from that reality.

On this trip, he was to meet Dawn who was on a computer course in Oslo, and on meeting him for the first time she was instantly smitten, although at the time he had shown no interest in her. Thus started a battle between two very beautiful women to claim this gentle giant of a man, who, unaware of his own power to love a woman more tenderly than any other man could, felt that he needed his Jean back to make his life once more complete. And he would be able to write once more. So he planned to return to England just in case she was not happy with her new husband, and try to win her back.

Then follows a battle of wits between the gentle loving Dawn and the devious grasping ex-wife, Jean, who just wanted to divorce her new husband whose business had failed and get Matt back. Good old steady Matt who once more would give her the life of luxury she wanted and had been used to. Dawn, who was determined to make Matt fall in love with her, had learned what Jean was up to and was determined to follow him back to England and claim Matt for her own.

Don Woods is a country singer, song writer, author and poet. He presents his own brand of country music and has entertained and thrilled audiences in several countries. Don was born in 1937 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire and moved to Nottingham during the war. After serving three years in the army and then getting married at 23, he made his first venture into the world of show business starting what was to be a very successful career as a country and western singer. Sadly, his wife died of cancer at an early age and he was left to raise three young children which slowed his singing career. However, during these years he worked at three highly successful country and western nightclubs plus a twice weekly radio show. Then with his band ‘The Original Country Sounds’, he spread further afield to work all the major clubs throughout the Midlands. He eventually moved to East Anglia and was constantly busy singing in the clubs and pubs of Great Yarmouth for many years. In 1976, a new challenge was needed, so buying himself a motor home he headed for Europe where he successfully plied his trade going from country to country. In 1989, he crossed into Norway and immediately fell in love with the country and the people. He went from town to town working his way in the bars and hotels up and down the country, always receiving a warm welcome and great applause. However, whilst working up north in the arctic circle in 1993, he developed severe head pains. He was rushed back to England with an estimated six weeks to live to have an emergency operation to remove the cancerous growth that was attached to his central nervous system. The operation was successful but left Don completely deaf and unable to sing so he had to start a new career. Having invested in a typewriter and some secondhand books to see how it was done, he set off to be a writer and poet. So far since 1995, he has had 678 poems published plus 14 short stories, one book of his poetry and one children’s adventure story, The Troll Family Olsen’s Long Journey Home, also published by Austin Macauley and now this latest venture, a romance called The Waterfall which again is based around Norway. Don writes his poetry and stories on various subjects most based on his own varied and interesting experiences. Over the following years his hearing slowly came back to a point where he is able to sing well again. But he still carries on with his writing.

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