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By: Vera Cudina

The Winter Made of Glass

Pages: 116 Ratings: 5.0
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One day is enough to change the routine of life.

For Irene, a doctor in the children’s oncology department, whose understanding of life ranged mostly between life or death, she was usually a staunch critic of everything that comes outside of the realm of science, her routine was changed by the story of her best friend David.

In a forgotten and remote part of the world, where David goes for investigative journalism, his field of work, there he experiences a personal transformation.

In the Temple of Redemption, he goes through the nine circles of initiation, thereby he is introduced with the nine largest secrets of life.

Number nine is not randomly chosen, neither was a circle randomly selected.

The fear that he had until that point prevented him to understand the universal truth and love, but there, on that distant part of the world, with every new initiation, fear disappeared, because he was realizing the ease of wisdom and acceptance. He recognized that life is a bridge with a lot of illusion like a broken mirror. He learned to get along bit by bit, imperfect to perfect, by accepting his own duality as a natural state of mind and spirit. In the end this knowledge and profound truth finally acquitted him of embedded prejudices, proving that there is always a beginning and never an ending.

Read to find out how David’s story deviates from the stale routine of everyday person and how life itself is a mystery that reveals on every page of this novel.

Vera was born on a winter night on February 23rd. She spent the first years of her life on a farm surrounded by hills. Although she had travelled a lot and seen many places, Zagreb, Croatia, where she lives now, is her favourite destination. When she was in law school, she finally realised where she belonged. The love of her life had always been medicine, especially psychiatry. She wanted to study human psyche but life led her in a different direction – towards the study of the soul. She is a consultant, mentalist, parapsychologist, radio and television anchor, painter and a columnist.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Olja

    Super roman, najbolje pohvale i zahvale za tako dobar roman.
    Superiska Verkice nasa.

  • Sonja Koščak Kolin, PhD

    I read it in one breath and hope that many will truly enjoy the noble messages of Vera Čudina. I am still very often repeating some thoughts from it, as I read the first edition in Croatian. I am glad that Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd made possible for audiences around the world to get closer with these wonderful ideas, incorporated into the tense content until the very end of the novel.

  • Natalie

    Great book. Recommendation to read!

  • Mark Steven

    Awesome book, I enjoyed reading it.

  • Lorena Smith

    Thanks for publishing this incredibly good book! I enjoy reading!

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