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The Worms-bookcover

By: Clifford Warwick

The Worms

Pages: 24 Ratings: 5.0
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Worms occupy all sorts of environments and creatures in nature, for all sorts of reasons. This book follows the lives and habits (some good, some not so good – from a human’s perspective) of a group (a ‘clew’) of worms of very different types and characters who live in a regular, if somewhat quiet and sometimes messy, garden. The worms are always busy (no, not really); sometimes disgusting (quite often); mischievous (a couple, definitely); intelligent (of course, what would you expect?); always clean (pass!); and friendly (Oh, for sure). Give yourself, family and friends, worms!

Clifford Warwick is both an animal biologist and a human medical scientist, and author of over 150 scientific and popular articles and books focusing on animal welfare, species conservation and human health. Clifford is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on reptiles and a specialist in diseases shared between animals and people (including worms!).

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Elena Rahneva

    Not your average children’s book, the Worms is both funny (not just for the kids) and educational (again, not just for the kids). My children (5&10y old) had a good giggle, had a few “eww, that’s disgusting, can I see the picture again?” But also talked about helping a worm in need on the pavement and the importance of washing hands (yes!). The pictures are nice and the characters are cool, we enjoyed reading The Worms!

  • Nathan W.

    This is a great little book packed full of information and laughs for kids and adults! My nephew & niece loved it and couldn't stop laughing at some of it - especially the bit on Longworms! They were able to grasp the scientific terms and we all learned a lot about the different worms in our environment. The illustrations are amazing and so colourful, and really bring to life the wonderful world of worms. Highly recommended!

  • manola arlati

    That’s a really nice book. Read nicely, it’s not too long so can suit most children from small for its nice coloured pictures to older for the use of a dialogue instead of narrative and the use of more scientific terminology to expand vocabulary.
    I can see this book used not only at home but in nursery/school to support planning such as mini beast topic or science classes.

  • toiselle curzon

    Being a lover of all animals and acutely aware of how important even the tiniest organism is for the welfare of our Planet, I feel strongly that we all should know about worms: the bad (that in their own way are good), the good - earthworms please rise - and the ugly (a matter of opinion). It is said that the most serious messages are best conveyed through comedy and this is what I find in Clifford Warwick's: The Worms.

    This book is huge fun and inspiring of curiosity, not giving away the whole story so kids (and adults) will have to look into the matter a bit further ... I mean, orange peel? Is this a natural long-wormicide?

    And the worms, all of them, smelly or not, are so endearing!

    Children will love it and will grow into more environmentally aware adults because of it.

    Hooray for that!

  • Viera

    Our little boy adores this book. Funny, witty and educational ..great book to take you inside the world of worms. Also very nicely illustrated. 5 stars

  • Rob Laidlaw, Biologist/Children's Author

    A delightful little book about a little known subject that any child interested in biology would enjoy. Most parents (and other adults) will probably find it enjoyable and informative as well. Colourful, quirky and fascinating, it's an unexpected and welcome surprise.

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