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Think Like a Man-bookcover

By: jD Shapiro

Think Like a Man

Pages: 236 Ratings: 5.0
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This book gives away secrets. The secret desires of men and how any woman can use what a man needs in order to get what you want. Political correctness aside, this book is a MANual that will show you how to operate a man in a way he will LOVE and LOVE YOU for doing so.

Men are simple creatures with simple wants & needs. INSTINCTS have not changed since the beginning of time, no matter what society says or tries to do. You will be EMPOWERED to use a man's instincts in order to create a habit in a man; that habit being YOU.

Imagine having a tool that defines a man and shows you how easy it is to get what you want. For the first time ever you have that tool within the pages all this book. All you need do is read it and act upon it.


jD is an award winning writer/director, and a standup comedian. Growing up with three sisters in one bathroom house, jD's imagination became his sanctuary. Taking apart pens to see how they work & undressing his sister's Barbie Dolls to see what was underneath lead to his passion for storytelling & women.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Alice Hall

    For a book entitled ‘Think Like A Man’, JD Shapiro relies heavily on feminist influence, and in 2019 it's not the worst thing to push in a book, particularly from a man's point of view.

    The first few chapters enticed you with constantly reminding you that if you continue reading you're going to find out how a mind of a man works, but really all you get within that first couple of pages is female empowerment, a theme that continues throughout the book with quotes from strong women for women, or quotes from men about women. JD Shapiro takes his own stab by leaning on the side of women through the book, you would almost assume the book was written by a middle-aged woman if you didn't know it was a man. In 2019, with the likes of the #metoomovement, and a huge rise in females finding their voice, which Shapiro mentions in cases in the book, starting it off by pushing female agenda was a surprise, good or bad it's down to every reader, but it gives you an idea of an underlying theme throughout.

    If you read beyond those first few chapters, Shapiro begins delving into male minds, covering everything from cavemen to marriage, to dating, to day to day lives. He does a brilliant job in giving the reader a blueprint idea of men, as it’s key to remember not every man is the same. I learnt a few pointers from Shapiro about what men on average tend to prefer from women, without pushing a sexist agenda, he lets female readers know that he isn't saying ‘if women don't do so and so, men won't like you’ instead, he balances the scales by offering men, or as he describes them: ‘nacho heads’, advice on how men should treat women better also.

    A unique thing Shapiro does is use a point system throughout the book, at the beginning he notes he will be using sports terms throughout also, to help women understand how much an act towards a man will mean to them. Without going on for aeons, and revealing Shapiro's secrets, the book is worth the read for anyone, male or female, looking for something out of the norm, and I'd recommend this to people that are stuck in their comfort zones. They may find an empowering bit of writing in there to get them through the day or just needing to hear someone else's opinion.

  • Melissa

    This book is worth the read for anyone, male or female, looking for something out of the norm, and I recommend this to people that are stuck in their comfort zones. They may find this book very empowering to get them through the day. I am a huge fan of the writer JD Shapiro who wrote the movie Robin Hood Men In Tights.

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