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By: Amlodd Meyrick

Three Brothers - Three Destinies

Pages: 300 Ratings: 5.0
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A happy, stable, normal childhood and family life should have been mapped out for the three brothers… Adrian was born in Nairobi, Kenya, in September 1948, having two elder brothers—Neil, four; and Justin, two. Disputes, infidelities and lack of love by their parents caused the three brothers much pain and suffering. Against his wife’s wishes, their father moved the family to a small farm he bought in the Nyeri Region. They suffered two violent attacks by Mau Mau warriors, in which eight people and two dogs were massacred. The family moved to Mombasa, then their father left for England, never came back, forced his wife to send the three brothers to him in England and she abandoned them forever to their fate. Then their father rejected and abandoned them forever and they spent time in dreadful orphanages. Their terribly unhappy childhood affected each one in different ways. After a long separation from his brothers, Adrian was reunited with them on some occasions but lost both of them, Neil to suicide and Justin to a tragic heart attack. These losses nearly destroyed Adrian, but after many twists and turns, he managed to survive and overcome to a certain extent all the unhappiness and tragedy, and make a new, happy and serene life for himself with his own family.

This family drama covers important themes, such as lack of love, rejection and abandonment by parents, catastrophic impacts on their children, unhappy childhood and misery of orphanage life, sordid sexual abuse, difficulties in adoption, lack of self-esteem, guilt complexes, severe depression, tragic losses of loved ones through desperate suicide and sudden, totally unexpected heart attack, with a message of hope, positivity and light that it is possible for a deeply injured and scarred person to cope with, survive and somehow overcome an unhappy childhood, sexual abuse by perverts and the tragic loss of loved ones and to forgive parents for the wrong, injustice, pain and suffering they have caused.

The author is a retired UK solicitor and an international lawyer who was born in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1948. He was the youngest of three brothers, who were very close and attached to one another. They suffered the unhappy and broken marriage of their parents, lack of love, rejection and abandonment first by their mother then by their father and the wretchedness and misery of living in orphanages. Two brothers were victims of sexual abuse. The eldest brother committed suicide at 39 and the middle brother died of a massive heart attack at 47. The author was the youngest brother and sole survivor who endured terrible traumatisms, insecurity, inferiority complex, guilt complexes, depressions, various setbacks and post-traumatic stress disorder over several decades before attaining resilience, greater confidence in life and serenity with his wife, three offspring and four grandsons.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Alexander Stemp

    An outstanding, courageous, gritty, shocking testimonial awaits. What this brave 3 Brothers -- 3 Destinies book really told me is... If one really can tell a life story -- as it is -- without falling apart, this is a sure sign of healing. As very much proven here, as well as coming out on top. Congratulations and thank you Amlodd!

  • Julien

    What an incredible, powerful, deep, shocking, sensitive, emotional, inspiring and unique true story.
    One of the best books I have ever read.
    Congratulations Amlodd Meyrick for all the courage and true force of will and spirit it must have taken to write it down on paper.
    Truly amazing.

  • J. Miller

    More than the author's personal narrative of a triumph over loss, betrayal, abuse, and personal despair, this book is also a fascinating trip through another era: in the eyes of a child, the last days of colonial life in Kenya and Britain in the 60's, in what passed for "care" at the time. A view of the school system as it was, not only for the author but so many others. These glimpses of times, moods and mores gone by are as compelling as the author's story of his own struggle and final victory in a search for self-worth.

  • Fabriana

    This is one of the best books I have read in years and the price it received is well deserved. It must have taken a rare courage to remember and describe these incredibly traumatic experiences, which, invented, would probably seem exaggerated. Because of the author's ability to finally overcome traumatic events, rape, depression, stress, insecurity, injustice, guilt etc., he demonstrates that healing is possible and that small miracles can happen. At a time when families are disintegrating, he also points out the vital need for children to grow up in a loving family environment. The book can be read at several levels, as it also provides a vivid depiction of the years in Kenya before independence, and of the education system of the time. It seems to me that it would lend itself to a movie or a TV series.

  • Antoine

    It is wonderful to learn that the book Three Brothers - Three Destinies by Amlodd Meyrick has won the 2019 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award as Best Book in the Category of Memoir attributed by the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) in the USA. Hearty congratulations to the publisher Austin Macauley and the author for this five-star achievement !

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