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Til Death We Do Part-bookcover

By: Bruno Beaches

Til Death We Do Part

Pages: 224 Ratings: 4.4
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Pablo is a hardworking, upstanding police officer, proud of his long marriage and lovely family. Through decades of quiet dedication and single-minded devotion he has achieved the successes one strives for in life, both with his family and career. Close to retirement and to sitting back and enjoying the fruits of a successful career and marriage, a malicious spurious complaint at work should have no material consequences on his life, but it starts a domino effect, and before long he finds himself shockingly dismissed, divorced, without a home, and with a criminal record. This story explores a convoluted tragic journey of divorce, rich with emotion, loss, betrayal, revenge and confusion. Along the way it explores the dynamics of what makes a relationship weak and vulnerable, or strong and resolute. It’s not a miserable story, but one of resilience, hope, and true love. It is told with an immense depth of feeling, insight, humour and faith, and there are many truly surprising twists and turns as the story unfolds.

The author is a retired police officer who has had a lot of life experience. He was married to his first wife for thirty years and they raised four children. Following a divorce, he married again and divorced just three years later. Apart from writing, he plays the piano, loves gardening and has carried out a lot of DIY building projects in his spare time. He is a ‘people person’, and has always taken a keen interest in behavioural psychology and relationships.

Customer Reviews
152 reviews
152 reviews
  • Harsh Tyagi

    The lovely book cover depicts heartbreaking seperation of a married couple, literally with two pieces of a broken heart and love bands.

    Pablo was a police officer who helped drug-addict criminals get better with their addiction, creating a win-win situation by reducing crime and making them healthier. He was happily married for 29 years to a loving wife and had raised four children. One day his duty is changed and another fine day he is informed that there has been a mailicious complaint of harrassment against Pablo, made by a former addict and he can't continue his assigned work until the complaint is dealt with, and that is an unknown period of time! Soon a series of other unfortunate events begins for Pablo including him losing his marriage, his job, and his home.

    The initial two chapters had a lot of information about the police work that made me a bit lazy while reading, but with the third chapter the book picked up the pace and them I just couldn't put it down. While reading the book I was feeling awful for Pablo, because he was such a good hearted person who didn't deserve so much of problems in his life. Why do good people face the worst of times, it's still a rhetorical question that lingers on my mind.

    The communication between the couple being mere letters and texts, I was bound to love this book as I like anything with an epistolary element. I loved the poem that Pablo wrote for his wife.
    This isn't a story of sadness or of the unfortunate, rather a story talking about what it takes to build a strong relationship and what it takes for it to become so fragile, so vulnerable. The author's bio mentioned in the book is quite relatable to Pablo, and leaves me wondering if the story or part of it is actually auto-biographical.

    I would definitely recommend reading this marvellous creation from Bruno Beaches to everyone, after a long time I read something so good.

  • LoveBooks

    I really appreciated the in-depth exploration of the main character, Pablo, in this gripping tale. A hardworking family-man working in the police force who falls victim to a false accusation which kickstarts a chain of events that will change his life forever. You can’t help but feel bad for Pablo as his life begins to unravel – not only his professional life, but his long-standing marriage too.

    The author’s experience as a former police officer really shines through and providers an extra level of authenticity to this novel. It’s a heart wrenching story that will elicit a full gamut of emotions from every reader. Different to the genres I normally read, but utterly compelling nonetheless.

  • Nicole

    First of all, I was kindly gifted this by the author but this does not in any way influence my review or feelings towards this book.

    I'll be honest this took me a while to finish because I found the writing style a bit hard to get into at the start. But after a while I felt so invested in the situation concerning Pablo and his life.
    This is a very emotional, character driven story. I really liked the way the story progressed and how the characters changed their attitudes throughout. A few parts were quite predictable, but I still couldn't help but
    feel for Pablo for most of it. I like the fact that Pablo had noticeable faults, made
    really clear to the reader throughout, whether that was through his ways of dealing with difficult situations or his stubbornness highlighted throughout (whether
    this was intentional or not, is another thing). Delilah is definitely a type of woman that does exist, scarily realistic to some men's situations I'm sure! I won't say much more about this as I want to keep this spoiler free!
    As a psychology student, I can really appreciate the way situations were presented and how emotions were dealt with through the writing. Very powerful writing.
    It's almost an emotional journey for the reader, not just Pablo.
    The detailed, vivid accounts of policing were very informative on the long-haul processes concerned in the job and added a large amount of realism to the story. This really acted to suck the reader into Pablo's plight.

    The main criticism I'd have is sometimes when you got Delilah's perspective via her diary entries, it could be a bit confusing and I'd have been interested to see a little more in Delilah's whole situation and mindset throughout, as well as more of how this affects the
    family overall. Thank you for the opportunity to read this, Bruno. I definitely enjoyed it and would recommend this to anyone interested in books focused around strong characters and domestic drama. This kind of genre is
    not something I'd consider picking up but I definitely enjoyed it!

  • Sams_fireside

    I was kindly offered Til Death We Do Part as an Advance Reader Copy by the author, Bruno Beaches. Pablo Pinkerton has spent his career in the police force, carrying out a variety of different roles, but his life begins to unravel, as he has to deal with a complaint against him from a former 'client' at work, and there quickly follows the disintegration of a seemingly happy and successful marriage. The story takes place over a few years, and Pablo has a lot to deal with and many decisions to make during this time.

    The author carried me through many different emotions throughout his story, there was sadness, anger, frustration (a lot of that), some tears and some laughter, but a lot of the time I was annoyed. I was annoyed at Pablo - often! How he tried to deal with his wife, his conflicts, his friends and his work situation. I wanted to pick him up, shake him by the shoulders and tell him to pull himself together!

    I'm not sure I actually liked any of the characters, apart from perhaps Henry who was a good friend to Pablo during the turmoil he was going through. Deliah, Pablo's wife, initially appeared to be a simpering woman who just didn't stand up for herself. As the book developed, however, I think she developed as a person, knowing what was the right thing for her and not settling for less than she could get. Pablo, well Pablo just tried too hard but failed to realise that at any point during the story.

    The only thing I disliked about the book was the ending and whilst I appreciate that there is a sequel, for me, it just ended too abruptly. However, this didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book and I look forward to reading Pablo's next instalment.

    I would recommend Til Death We Do Part to anyone who enjoys a thriller, with perhaps a hint of mystery, and for someone who doesn't mind being left wondering...

  • Sarah

    This book had me feeling so many different emotions while I was reading it, annoyance, frustration, sadness, confusion and so much more.

    This is book is essentially about the breakdown of a marriage after a husband (who is a policeman) is falsely accused of using his position to get closer to a female, and the ramifications of this. Not only must he deal with this complaint at work, but he also has to deal with how his wife handles the news and how others in his life view him as a person.

    I felt this book was well researched with regards to procedures within the police on dealing with a complaint of an employee and enjoyed reading about the various steps Pablo had to go through. I felt Pablo's reactions to how he was being treated and how long everything was taking was completely understandable and justified. I found the reaction of his wife unbelievable at first, as they had been married for nearly 30 years, but as we got to know her character and their relationship more it all began to slot into place.

    I have to admit that I did not like any of the characters in this book, but I think that was because you weren't reading about them at their best. I found myself jumping from team Pablo to team Delilah constantly. I really did not understand Delilah at times and could not believe some of the things she felt she was entitled to. She really made me angry, but then so did Pablo. I became infuriated with him when he would not stop sending her cards and letters. Yes, he still loved her, but surely he could see that it was not helping? I wanted him to grow a backbone and move on. I wanted her to acknowledge what she had done and take accountability. In the end you just have to go along for the ride, but none of the characters do what you think they are going to do. This book is definitely not predictable and will keep you on your toes while you are reading it. I think the author portrayed the emotional turmoil of a break up really well and demonstrated really well how love can turn into hate.

    This is a very quick paced book and a really good read that I enjoyed, despite the many negative emotions I felt while reading it. I could not put it down.

    My only issue with the book was the very abrupt ending. It felt more like the book hadn't been finished that it officially ending and that's why I have given it 4 stars.

    I was kindly gifted a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Siddhi Palande

    In our age and time marriages are no more eternal bond. We all have witnessed atleast 1 divorce in our lifetime. This book talks about the changing relationship dynamics in our age where marriages have become trivial. I absolutely loved the execution of this idea. I have read An American marriage before which tackles the same subject but this book went a tad deeper inside me. The love letters written by Pablo are going to stay with me for long.

  • @Kitaabe_ek_pyar

    In this book you can find the true meaning of a relationship and respect towards to your job , a beautiful and well written story which can give you a roller coaster ride .

  • @gentlyreads

    The writing style was simplistic, but very effective in communicating pablo’s personality and ethics. This is a simple and honest story illustrating the complications of normal lives, including marital struggles and workplace issues.

    personally, i disliked pablo’s character, as i disagreed with a lot of his traditional values and don’t feel his actions were justified. regardless of this, the story was still enjoyable, and for me that is the mark of good writing - if you can still like it without loving the characters!

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