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Til Death We Do Part, Too-bookcover

By: Bruno Beaches

Til Death We Do Part, Too

Pages: 340 Ratings: 4.6
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Recovering from a devastating marital failure of years earlier, Pablo meets the supernal Hellion. She seems wonderful, and it is love at first sight, and they marry quickly. However, not all is rosy in the garden, and a lifetime’s baggage rears its ugly head. Pablo’s ex-wife re-establishes contact with him, and he desperately seeks to exorcise the demons of that betrayal and divorce, but he gets drawn into a double life. Then, one shocking day, Hellion goes to work, and inexplicably, and without warning, fails to return home. Now he has to try to understand another devastating, bewildering calamity.

Til Death We Do Part, Too is a story that scrutinises the impact of unfinished business, baggage, emotional damage, and lingering love. It balances heart-breaking loss with resilience, disorientation with hope, and desperation and bitterness with true enduring love and understanding. There is much insight into the reality of relationships and the frailty of the human psyche. It is told with immense depth of feeling, humour, and faith.

The author is a retired police officer who has had a lot of life experience. He was married to his first wife for thirty years and they raised four children. Following a divorce, he married again and divorced just three years later. Apart from writing, he plays the piano, loves gardening and has carried out a lot of DIY building projects in his spare time. He is a ‘people person’, and has always taken a keen interest in behavioural psychology and relationships.

Customer Reviews
41 reviews
41 reviews
  • Reading_ Tamishly

    My heart is broken. Yet life is hopeful. Beautiful book!

    A well-written sequel to Til Death We Do Part.

    Along with an introduction of an interesting new character and the plot revolving around them, the sequel has much more impact with a chance of some intense major turns in the story which will leave you baffled making you wonder about how the story would end.

    The series offers a very realistic story about marriage and relationships, from the perspectives of all the parties involved.

    After facing a painful complicated divorce, Pablo has to face his first wife again as she tries to come back while Pablo is still trying to figure out his relationship with an amazing woman, Hellion.

    I find the writing more heartfelt and there's a huge development in the parts of the characters.

    I wasn't expecting the sequel to be this fast-paced and more intense than the first book but it surprised me.

    I read the book during a time I was emotionally exhausted and was in a huge reading slump because of all the books I wasn't enjoying reading.

    This book made a huge difference there.
    Once I opened up the book I couldn't stop reading it as I felt more connected to the main character.

    Pablo is realistic, practical, in sync with his feelings and emotions.

    It's the dialogues between Pablo and the other two characters which gave much food for thought regarding relationships and marriage.

    It did make me cry more than I did while reading the first book. But the sequel provided much hope for second chances as well as the chances we must give ourselves when it comes to relationships.

    Such an emotional ride I would say! The story, the writing, and the characters explored in-depth the complicated adult relationships as to how much they can build or destroy a person.

    It's a story of hope amidst all the heartbreak and bitterness.

    I appreciate how the title and the book cover are much in tune with the first book.

    ***I was in a whole other world for days after reading this book and couldn't pick up another book for a long time as it has left a huge impact on me***


    Till Death We Do Part Too is an intimate and raw novel that continues Pablo's story, the Author Bruno returns with an emotionally raw page-turner capturing the amazing side of a happy marriage, while at the same time connecting with the struggles of having one's expectation of the "perfect life" not being met!
    The book demands your attention from the first and last page and we get to hear from all the main characters' perspectives, their personalities are developed in a very mature and compelling manner that I found so intriguing!

    The second part melts some mind-blowing topics that the Author has elaborated on in fascinating detail, I loved how fast-paced is the book because we get a lot of performances from the characters, from the divorce to the marriage of Pablo with Hellion (new character) this was intense with some brutal honesty scenes and the surprises weren't absent! The book is a very realistic exploration of a broken marriage, a new marriage, and connecting the past relationships with the present!

    Till Death We Do Part Too has suspense, beautiful scenes, and inspirational anecdotes, I just loved the whole concept of the book, it is surprising and delightful that seeks hope in the very darkest moments and the dialogues are deliciously entertaining! This one was a 5/5 and I highly recommend you to read it, for fans of Nicholas Sparks and Elin Hildebrand this is a fabulous read, it is funny, sad, emotional, and utterly absorbing, I just couldn't put it down!

  • Trishita Das

    Recuperating from a staggering marriage disappointment for so many years, Pablo finally meets Hellion. She appears to be brilliant, and it is all-consuming instant adoration, and they get married rapidly. However, Pablo is completely not over his ex-wife. He still tries to contact her often but there’s no such effort from his ex-wife’s side. In any case, not everything is smooth in life and not everything happens according to our expectations. After his marriage with Hellion, Pablo’s ex-wife restores contact with him, and he frantically tries to balance his past life and his new beginning. He gets brought into a two-fold life. Then, one stunning day, Hellion goes to work, and mysteriously, and all of a sudden neglect to get back home. Presently, Pablo needs to attempt to comprehend another staggering, puzzling catastrophe.

    “Til Death, We Do Part, too” is the continuation of “Til Death, We Do Part” written by Bruno Beaches. Frankly, the readers might feel that the story was moving at a sluggish speed in some cases, however, that is the quintessence to inundate the feelings portrayed in this book. The book offers an exceptionally sensible anecdote about marriage and connections. How the author has still kept a hopeful standpoint towards the things in the wake of going through so much all through the story with his astounding funny bone attempted to satisfy the readers says a lot about the incredible character he is. Likewise, the details identified with brain research are delightfully introduced. The cover is noteworthy as well. It is a story that investigates the effect of incomplete marriage, passionate harm, confusion with trust, sharpness with genuine suffering adoration, and comprehension. The story is told with the enormous profundity of feeling, humor, and confidence.

    I felt the personality of the male character Pablo to be very vulnerable a few times when he did his part productively yet got faulted for what he didn’t do. Other than the fundamental characters, Henry was my top pick, a genuine companion to Pablo. This isn’t an account of pity or hurt, rather a story discussing the stuff to fabricate a solid relationship and the stuff for it to turn out to be so delicate, so helpless. The story is so legit and genuine, it brings the readers into the profound passionate good and bad times until the readers are bleary-eyed and sad. The setting in which the enthusiastic account is conveyed is retaining and stunning, deserving to be a blend of thrill in the story. I enjoyed how the principal characters are so matured yet are introduced with inclinations, and we wind up pulling for them. It is sprinkled with mind and astuteness and this makes this book an extraordinary read for everybody who is genuinely keen on reinforcing their connections, and quick to be wavier of advanced traps.

  • Dipshikha Mohanty

    This book is a sequel to "Till Death We do Part".
    This story surveys the impact of the rough franchises, cases, emotional hurt, and enduring love. It balances heart-breaking loss with perseverance, perplexity with hope, and anguish and bitterness with true love and understanding.
    It describes the perception of the reality of relationships and the weakness of the human soul which has been scripted with immense depth of feeling, humour, and faith.

    The story is about PABLO and DELILAH.
    They were leading a happy life until things started falling apart and they got divorced.

    Life become a whole mess for Pablo, as he loved Delilah wholeheartedly. He tried a lot to sort out the differences but nothing worked. He found it difficult to move ahead and kept texting Delilah thinking that someday she might change her mind.
    As it's well known to everyone, Time heals.
    Pablo even started to move ahead in life.
    Then, he met Hellion. She is a wonderful woman. They started to spend time together, bonded well, and after a month or a few got married.
    However, it is not roses always, even roses have thorns, and lifetime baggage takes its ugly turn. When Pablo's ex-wife re-establishes contacts with him. And, the demon in him wants to take revenge on her for the betrayal and divorce but, he doesn't know as he is getting drawn towards a double life.
    And, Suddenly one-day Hellion goes to work, inexplicably, without any warning fails to return home...

    To know more about the devastating calamity of Pablo's life. Read this wonderful book.

    Must read this amazing book.

  • Bruno Beaches

    This is a story of intrigue and complexity that can be borne out of everyday events and is as unpredictable and twisted as any contrived thriller. Instead of being absorbed in the trivial, mushy, disingenuous, weedy appeasement that most people hide behind when dismissing the impact of a broken love, this story boldly confronts the impact of fundamental differences between the sexes, and the awfulness of confusion arising from ignorance, failure to understand, and the lingering taste and impact of past loves. Poor old Pablo is given the challenge of dealing with sudden, nauseating, shattering loss and betrayal once again, and once more, he relentlessly pursues understanding, so that his life can make sense, and so that he can survive with some dignity and hope. He eschews base instincts to be bitter, resentful, and broken, and sets an example of contrition, learning, and unquenchable optimism. We can relate to the blemishes and frailties of human nature, but also celebrate the indomitable human spirit that doggedly strives for peace and love.

  • Akhila Saroha

    Bruno Beaches has the skill to stir the readers’ emotions effortlessly through his simplistic narrative and purity of thoughts in the minds of his characters. After successfully establishing his legacy through his earlier novel “Till Death We Do Part,” he comes with the second installment, “Till Death We Do Part, Too.” Set in the heart of the lands of the UK, the second installment focuses on Pablo and his life in the latter stages after the plot of the prequel.
    Although Beaches chooses to keep the narrative linear and straightforward, most of the action unveils through the consciousness of Pablo, and the readers see all the people in his life through his eyes. Yet, they get enough space to examine the characters objectively. For one section of the novel, the compassionate Pablo seems to have found the lighthouse of his life, perhaps which he had been looking for a long time. However, later, the actions of other characters make the readers wonder and ponder over human nature and its dynamics. While, for once, it seems unacceptable, yet they have to digest it since it is the reality, and they admit it too.
    This gives “Till Death We Do Part, Too” a realistic touch and redefines Beaches’ style of literary writing. At the same time, the conversations of Pablo and his close friend suggest a strong desire for connection and companionship, which goes beyond the physical aspect. Since it is an emotion, it is not easy to construct and explain. But through Pablo, the author highlights the significance of family and friends, the crucial role the sense of belonging has in a person’s life, the requirement of a conversation at the end of the day, the strength it gives to fight all odds.
    The presence of a middle-aged protagonist in Beaches’ “Till Death We Do Part, Too” does not imply the reader-base being restricted to the grown-up readers only. The book can be read with equal interest by younger readers not just to read about the life of the protagonist but also to understand the depth of emotional needs of a person and how vital they are in a person’s life.
    Therefore, all readers are recommended “Till Death We Do Part, Too” to read about the different stages of life, their beauty, and how things change with every passing year.

  • Aishwarya

    "They were all wrong, and in the end, he was the only one who was right. He was thankful that he never allowed their blinkered viewpoints to cloud his judgment, or to extinguish his undying faith in her."

    Pablo was a passionate cop and a loving husband. As we have all read in 1st part of this book, how he encounters hardships in his marriage and work-life and things fall apart.

    This book begins holding up hope for Pablo's life when he met Hellion and felt a connection, chemistry between the two. He soon gets engaged with her striving for a fortunate future and struggling to forget his ex-wife Delilah, who unexpectedly starts contacting him and he falls for the temptation as he loved her.

    Things came to be fateful when one-day Hellion disappears leaving Pablo all alone with his misery.

    Who was behind the disappearance?
    Why does Delilah return?
    What choice will Pablo make?

    This book tells a tale of mature love and relationship. A relationship requires never-ending care and nurture to stay alive in this world. Sometimes you cant stay with the person you love or loved because of the difference you hold. Not every difference can be compromised. Moving on is the only solution human has.

    This book deals with the intricacy of marriage, complications of human emotions, and beliefs. It's a thick book so took time for me to complete it. Its language and vocabulary are lucid and easy to understand.
    Taking observations from his personal life author has jotted down this book in an engaging narrative with diverse characters and individualities.
    If you like reading contemporary fiction this book is a decent choice for you.

  • Book Monk

    This is a different story compared to other contemporary romance fiction works. This allowed the reader to think from a different perspective.

    The story is a sequel to its first part. As I read the first part, it's about Pablo who was having a normal life with a good marriage but near to his retirement age, he got many hurdles at once. He found himself shockingly dismissed, divorced, without a home, and with a criminal record.

    Now, in this sequel, Pablo finds it hard to move on as he hasn't got the closure he deserved. He is continuously messaging his ex-wife Delilah. And she has never responded in five years.

    However, he met a woman, Hellion, of his age and felt a connection. They started dating and fell in love but except physical lovemaking. Hellion was totally uncomfortable with it and it put Pablo off. Nevertheless, they were okay being with each other.

    Then, Delilah responds to Pablo and they start having regular conversations, mostly arguing over past events. This made Pablo somewhat at peace.

    I found Pablo's behaviour weird sometimes. He was unnecessarily digging the past. But we can't judge him actually. Being in the second innings of life, no one can expect their life to turn upside down.

    Overall, this is an unusual story of emotions, love heartbreak, adult feelings, marriage failure, etc. The characters are well developed. The writing style is interesting. It's recommended to contemporary fiction readers.

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