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TJ and the Winged Visitor-bookcover

By: Susan Chambers

TJ and the Winged Visitor

Pages: 138 Ratings: 4.9
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TJ and the Winged Visitor is a fictional adventure story with many twists and turns. This story will draw you into its pages for it has many things to entertain your senses. If you are looking for a read with adventures, fun, humour, fantasy, drama, friendships and with love – TJ and the Winged Visitor has it all and is the story for you. 

TJ begins this adventure as a 12-year-old, and she is a drama queen, an attention seeker and a know-it-all. TJ is bereft of friends and creates havoc and discord wherever she goes. 

But there is someone who understands TJ’s heart and so he sends help to her in the form of a winged visitor. The winged visitor is not what one would expect and as he comes from a different realm to the Earth, he is able to initiate thrills and wonders, and tantalising mind expanders along with visual extravaganzas.

Anyone seeking an inspirational reading experience is in for a treat and a page-turning journey. TJ and the Winged Visitor is a new and insightful story of teenage living, within the norms and extremes of the 21st Century. Enjoy – and know there is more.

Susan Chambers is a creative thinker, and she delights in painting word pictures so that the stories she writes weave their own brand of adventure, fun, drama, fantasy, and friendship into each fiction work. 

Susan enjoys her role as author and looks ahead to sharing many more entertaining stories with children, young adults and the young at heart of the world. 

Susan is also passionate about her family and maintains a close connection with her children and grandchildren. 

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • Sara Connors

    TJ and the winged visitor has to be one the best written books I have had the pleasure of reading. From the very start I found it hard to put this book down. It took me on the adventure with such descriptive dialogue that I could picture the scenes and immerse myself within the story I was reading. I highly recommend this book to all ages. Well done to the author Susan Chambers. I hope this is a series because I can’t wait to be immersed into the next adventure.

  • Lizzie H

    I enjoyed reading this book. It's a good book about making friends and believing in yourself. The bike competition was inspiring and interesting. I recommend it.

  • Narelle Inness

    TJ and the Winged Visitor is an engaging well written book that children as young as 10 will love and enjoy.

  • Tracy Barwick

    To whom this may concern
    I have read TJ And The Winged Visitor this book has been written with so much depth and detail.
    I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this book and would highly recommend to the young at heart of any age group.

  • Alexandra Robinson (aged 13yrs)

    TJ and the Winged Visitor was an exciting novel filled with many interesting characters and intriguing conflicts. There were many great points to note about this novel but here are a few that particularly stood out to me.

    The first thing I would like to mention is the clear introduction to the characters. At the start of the novel there is a detailed description of the setting and the many characters that would be key to this story. We got to see their personalities and traits as well as their extended backgrounds. By having this information so early on it helps the reader to understand why the characters may be acting a certain way and what their thoughts and motives are in each situation.

    Moving on I would like to talk about one of the events in the book that I enjoyed. This scene consists of when TJ has just gotten into a large crash and is stuck in a large thorn bush, but that is not the part I enjoyed. Instead it was the part after would when she is first introduced to Benny, the apprentice angel. The reason I liked this scene so very much was because of TJs’ thinking. When she first met Benny she didn’t immediately believe he was real, she was a thinker and new how to be rational. Because of these traits she was able to run through all the possibilities of what was happening in her head before coming to a distinct conclusion.

    Another reason this scene stood out to me was because in so many other books for people my age the lead character is usually very impulsive and naive, unlike TJ who was very rational and well thought out.
    Another thing that made this book great was the side characters. You could tell that they had not just been thrown in there to fill space, but instead they had actually been very well thought out. You can see this in the way they act towards TJ, at first it comes off as if they dislike her but really they didn’t. It was more so the fact that she didn’t try to be friends with any of them and would sometimes come off as rather arrogant. They could still see the good in her but it was just foreshadowed so much by her lack of interest in her classmates.

    One more thing to add, which also co-insides with the previous point is why she didn’t have any friends. The obvious reason is because none of the kids liked her very much because of the way she acted. But why did she act that way? She acted so un-interested in her classmates because she was scared. Towards the start of the book you learn how she had lost her best friend when she was young. You can see how hard this was on her especially as no one would tell her why her friend left or what had happened. The only reason she wouldn’t make friends was because she was scared to be left all alone again.

    Overall, I think this was a great novel showing the importance of friendship. It had an awesome storyline with some wonderful characters. Everything was very well thought out and you can tell how much time and effort was put into this great novel. It was an easy read, great if you don’t want something super intense. Would definitely recommend.

  • Christine Ashford

    Right from the beginning this book excites your senses with the descriptive text, you just know Benny comes from a place, not of this world!
    The characters in this book are realistic of today's preteens and young adolescents who are trying to find their way in the world but are not sure how to navigate relationships amongst their peers for fear of rejection or hurt
    I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone over ten years and will be buying more for my great-nieces, nephews, and Grandchildren.

  • Tahlia Connors

    TJ and the winged visitor is a descriptive, exciting, and intriguing novel. From the very first pages, you are drawn in from the supernatural aspects as well as the everyday human experience. This book is written with depth and detail and I would highly recommend you read it!

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