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By: Gillian Wells


Pages: 192 Ratings: 5.0
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Sam is in her mid-20s, horses are her life but she has a secret and to that end, she goes to Australia, hoping to escape from her emotional baggage. There she travels both physically and emotionally and life looks better. She meets a man who also has emotional problems and they start to heal each other until Sam’s past catches up with her and life looks to her worse than before.

Gillian is an English woman living in rural Australia with her husband and cattle dog Jess. She loves writing and also enjoys gardening, cooking, horse-riding and singing amongst other interests. She has travelled widely in Australia and meeting people and hearing their stories.

She has three children and four grandchildren living in England, France and Australia. She loves to spend time with them as much as distances and time allow.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Sharon Caton

    Another great page turner by Gillian Wells. A story about secrets, love, Australia and horses. Sam moves from England to escape a traumatic event in her past from which she seems unable to escape. Australia seems the perfect place for her to forget her problems and move forward. She finally seems to find love and happiness as she travels both physically and emotionally, but sometimes secrets are best told, rather than being hidden as Sam finds out to her cost.
    Gillian beautifully describes the Australian towns and countryside that feature in the book as well as the characters who feature in the book. I would highly recommend purchasing this book.

  • Win Holmes

    I loved Gill's "Belonging" and "Possession" but " "Travelling" even more so. In her intuitive style, Gillian tells of a young woman, Sam, whose life revolves around her great love of horses with fascinating glimpses into the breeding, showing, eventing and the racing world. This is a tale of secrets, failure, treachery, lost love and unexpected reward which takes Sam from her native England to adventure "down under". Quick word sketches of country Australia and her people; some loyal and strong, to stand by, some whose path you would not wish to cross. Sam forms an unlikely relationship with Brett. Built on shared interests and experiences it does appear to heal their shared emotional baggage but ends in tragedy as past mistakes are revisited. A gem of a story for those who choose to hope.

  • Lynette Lloyd

    Aptly titled "Travelling," Gillian Wells' third novel features an exciting story spanning three continents. "Travelling" tells the story of Samantha (Sam) a plain young woman who is rather serious and reserved. She doesn't have much self-confidence except for when she is around horses. In all aspects of horse husbandry, training and riding, Sam is a natural. She loves and trusts horses and they love and trust her in return. For Sam, trust in other people is at a low ebb and the author gives us a few tantalizing hints about what could have happened to cause Sam to retreat into herself. In many ways, it is Sam's close affinity with horses - especially one called Tigger - that get her through some very turbulent times in her life, both past and present. Most of the novel is set in Australia and during a long road trip, Sam runs headlong into some life-changing people and events. "Travelling" is a riveting read! Highly recommended!

  • Anne Edgeworth

    Horses are the vehicle to this page-turning story of an emotionally damaged heroine Sam, who travels from the UK to escape her past, finding work in the horse industry on various properties, until employers become like family.
    An eventful read touching many picturesque landscapes from Northern NSW to the Snowy Mountains and on to South Australia and the festival of the Port Lincoln racetrack, as Sam battles with growing feelings and fears of her past being revealed.
    An entertaining read with a touching and fulfilling end.

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