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Twinship and Consciousness-bookcover

By: Wendy Clayton

Twinship and Consciousness

Pages: 248 Ratings: 5.0
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Do you think you are born a one-off, a unique individual entirely different from all others? Do you feel apart from others, or part of them, that you belong to yourself – responsible for yourself alone, or that you belong with and for others?

For the author, who, as an identical twin, was factually one and the same as her twin before the egg split, these questions as to what constitutes the self and how it emerges from the cosmos have been particularly pressing. In separate cots, they cried every night for three years till put into the same bed. It was like a marriage from birth. In this one life on Earth, should these twins ever have been parted? Does science offer any clues as to what underlies the superficial appearance of separate consciousness, of separate people?

This book is both a description of the transformative experience the author went through and a serious quest for understanding, enquiring into psychotherapy, philosophy and quantum physics. As this dilemma of separateness and relatedness is the human predicament intensified in twins, this story is about all of us.

Wendy Clayton is a twin. She is married with two sons and three grandchildren and is a retired English teacher with numerous interests. Most of all, however, she is fascinated by the wonder of everything, loving to wander the moors close to earth and sky, as well as snorkelling to explore the seas. Curiosity about consciousness led to involvement in the work of the philosopher, J. Krishnamurti and that of David Bohm, the physicist/philosopher. Absorbing all this changed the twinship, thus entered psychotherapy.

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1 reviews
  • Emmy van Deurzen

    In the book, we follow the story of her intense and unimaginably tight relationship with her twin, Carol. She tells us how hard it was for her mother to deal with these two premature babies and how they cried in their separate cots for the first years, until her mother finally put them in one cot, and they were quietened immediately, at peace for being reunited. They grew up in unison. “With separate bodies and one mind, we knelt to meet the world”. Wendy’s evocative turns of phrase always go to the essence of her experience and conjure up exactly how things were.

    Reading the poetic way in which Wendy expresses her deepest inner thoughts and feelings as well as her intellectual ideas about twinship you will be transported to a way of being only twins would truly understand. Wendy and Carol were both confused by their

    experiences of this closeness, so different from their relationships with other people. They searched together for the right way of living that intimacy, oneness, separateness, and mutual respect. For a long time, they each felt lost in the chaos of what this brought to their lives. I remember well the confusion and despair that was Wendy’s daily battleground. How wonderful to see how she has now shaped herself into an accomplished poet and author, able to articulate her own labors into a narrative that creates clarity and understanding. Each of us has similar battles to wage with ourselves and those near and dear to us, although they may not be as intense, dramatic, and traumatic as those of Wendy and Carol. Not all of us come through them with fortitude and lucidity. Wendy has used her plight to throw light on the predicament of identical twins. Her book should be required reading for those who work with twins or are a twin themselves. Her contribution to the therapeutic understanding of selfhood and the search for identity and separateness will be valuable to all therapists.

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