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By: Coco Houston

Under Purple Sheets

Pages: 228 Ratings: 5.0
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The author has taken a brave step by writing her story based on an affair with a married man. It is honest, intriguing, as well as sexually explicit. It is sad and funny as we go through the roller coaster of the affair with her. She makes you laugh with her, and you feel her pain. You are the judge and can decide whether she gets what she deserves or not. She proves to us that self-inflicted destruction is the hardest medicine to swallow. Under Purple Sheets is like no other novel you have read before, and it is written in a way that it makes you question your own opinion and thoughts on having an affair. A dangerous game we all think about playing, yet the author makes us consider that if we engage in this, then we are either very brave or incredibly stupid to do so. Her personality is as magnetic as it is bewildering, and she stands out in a crowd, commanding attention. Under Purple Sheets is just as likely to pull from critics as much controversial opinions on the book as we all have about her life.
Coco is fifty-three years old and lives in Scotland. She grew up in a working-class background and has always wanted much better in life than what she had. She chased that dream at a cost, so now she has decided it is time to tell her stories her way. She lives on her own, with her dogs, and her house décor is like the inside of a witch's cottage or a cabin in the mountains. Her little dogs are her world, her real heroes, and each one owns a part of her heart. She is a proud mother of two children, a son and a daughter, whom she taught to chase their dreams and that is exactly what they do.
Customer Reviews
41 reviews
41 reviews
  • Ann Marie

    Wow, it’s everything the synopsis promises, you roll with her highs and feel every bitter piece of the lows, the question who do you want to shake more him or her. This creative write draws you in further with her friends these add depth and intrigue which leave you ready and waiting for the next episode (book).

    I have given this book four stars only because I wanted the book to last longer.

  • Have just finished reading this book it had me laughing out loud and crying with a few shocks along the way I look forward to reading more from Coco.
    All the best with the sales of this book and any others to follow.

  • LW

    Amazing reading! Couldn’t put it down when I started reading the book! Very funny and have all your emotions going! I can’t wait to see what else has to come from Coco Houston. Definitely worth the money and could give it 10 stars if possible!

  • DB

    If you buy any book this year it has to be this! Top book and good for a laugh but have all your emotions going off reading it! 5 Stars!

  • JB

    Will make you laugh, make you cry, make you question every choice you've ever made. This isn't just erotica - this book has a complex story that will leave wishing there was more to read. Cannot wait for the next instalment!

  • Allison

    Funny sad full-on and ultimately out of this world !!!!!
    She is one hell of a woman!!!!
    I loved this book and I can’t wait to read the next instalment it was riveting and hard to put down, give it a read put a smile on your face a spring in your step and a sense of live a life worth living to take the risks and deal with the consequences.
    Well done Coco Houston.

  • J

    Definitely makes you question being the other woman. Coco's journey is either incredibly high or all-consuming lows. Even tho the author goes into the relationship knowing what she is doing it just shows how life is the last thing you can plan. Always expect the unexpected. The book is full of laughs and tears and magical moments in between would definitely recommend.

  • Becca

    Loved the book from start to finish. The author has given so much detail you can just picture every scene happening. So many emotions, that I too felt them with her. Highly recommend it!

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