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Unprepared for Life's Journey -bookcover

By: Maria E. Flavel

Unprepared for Life's Journey

Pages: 257 Ratings: 4.3
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Unprepared for Life's Journey is a heart-warming true story, detailing the missionary life of an inspirational Catholic woman. Maria Flavel started life in Germany as part of a happy farming family, but she reaches an age when she must think about her future. Deciding to follow in her older sister's footsteps, she enrols in a convent to devote her life to God. But it's not long before Maria questions often-cruel treatment from the nuns.Showing great endurance and strength, she finally admits that biblical life in this form may not be for her. And so she begins her own journey. Following her dream to work overseas, she finds her calling in Papua New Guinea as a teacher, helping underprivileged people to become more independent. Here she feels a true connection to God through the work that He wants her to do. A fascinating account of suffering and joy through war, death and meaningful relationships; a welcome reminder of the gift that life is, the importance of the people we share it with, and the opportunity it offers to do something that really matters.  

Maria grew up on a farm in Germany and currently lives in Western Australia. Her life's adventures began from the moment she was born in 1938.

Open to new ideas and dedicated to teaching, Maria travelled from her farming village to the highlands of Papua New Guinea before settling in Australia.

Maria's story is about resilience and the journey life takes you on when you are determined to make a positive change. Maria has previously published short stories and the children's book The Adventures of an old Boab Tree.


Customer Reviews
38 reviews
38 reviews
  • Taryn

    A beautifully honest and captivating story of love, faith and the turns life has taken this amazing woman on. Maria took all the experiences she was given and made an incredible story, sharing it with her readers is a gift to us all. I highly recommend the read.

  • Claudia

    A heart warming, inspirational story of a woman who lived her life to serve others. Such an amazing life story of an incredible woman told with honesty and compassion and keeps wanting you to know more.


    An unforgettable story of a life well lived. Spanning a period of three score years and ten, and set in some of the most exotic places on earth, it takes us on a journey of discovery. The quest is often challenging, sometimes heart-breaking, but always imbued with a great love of humanity and a thirst for social justice. This book cannot fail to inspire those who value truth and who have the courage to pursue it against all odds.

  • Monica

    Thank you Maria for inviting me on this train to share the most honest and inspiring memories of your life with God through his people. I enjoyed this ride immensely and would recommend that others get on board and share your journey also.

  • Rod Ellyard

    Unprepared for Life's Journey

    I found the book fascinating and easy to read . Maria has a style of writing that is both simple and profound at the same time ..The story pulls the reader along .i found her personal integrity and courage inspiring -those qualities which she has displayed in "spades "in m,y sporadic interactions with her over the years since, as she has assisted so many people .be they migrants ,indigenous people ,down and out s. lost or simply lonely. it has been a great pleasure to fill in the gasps of my knowledge of such a wonderful life .

  • Jason

    Unprepared for Life's Journey is not the type of book I would normally pick up, but after being gifted the biography from a friend, I was unable to put it down! Maria's story is a fascinating one, which highlights the difficulties of reconciling the demands of a virtuous, religious existence with the realities of life. The journey she takes across the globe is gripping and well-written, and I recommend the book to anyone who enjoys real-life drama.

  • Susan Munday

    An engrossing read. So good I read it twice. Her early life in a farming family in Germany , her life as a nun and deciding that it was not for her and her wonderful work as a missionary in Papua New Guinea were all fascinating.

  • Espie

    Unprepared for life's journey is inspiring, spiritually uplifting and a testament of love, compassion and kindness. A resilient person who always relied on God for her judgment and decision. Too good not to pass on.

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