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By: Gillian Alice Lock


Pages: 177 Ratings: 3.5
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Andrea Baldwins usual country-walk with her dog, Muffin, turns out to be a life-changing event, as they both become involved in a very mysterious phenomenon, that only occurs once every year and takes who or whatever is in its path back to another place in time.

She is taken to the 17th century, where she finds Robert, another victim of the strange mist that appears only at certain times. Though afraid and confused, she takes the situation in her stride and eventually realises that life in the 17th century is far better than her life in 2015.

Gillian was born in Alexandra Palace Road, Muswell Hill, London, in 1958. She then, at the age of 4 years, moved with her family to Buckinghamshire. During the early ’90s, she completed a writing course where she realised she had a talent for writing fiction stories and began writing them as an interest, and not until some years later did she try.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Tom Piercey

    Thoroughly enjoyed the book 'VANISHED' . Held me riveted to the pages till the end of the story , which was not unsurprising but imaginative in the way it was done . Quite a few interesting twists and turns , which kept me guessing till the final outcome .

  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    In Vanished by Gillian Alice Lock time travel is not a scientific discovery but a natural phenomenon.

    Andrea lives with her little dog, Muff, out in the country. She tries to live a structured life but since she works from home she finds herself giving in to cravings more often. Luckily Muff is extremely high energy for a little dog and requires Andrea to take her for long walks. One day Andrea makes plans with the neighbour guy for a date after Muff’s walk. The neighbour waits for her but she doesn't show up, for years.

    During their walk Andrea and Muff finds themselves pulled into a dense yellow mist and when it dissipates things have changed. The area they are in looks familiar yet it is not the home they are used to, but instead, it looks more like pictures from a history book. Andrea draws a lot of attention to herself from the way she talks and dresses and soon finds herself with Father Jones. Through the Father, Andrea learns of Robert who also seems to have come from the future. Andrea manages to secure work along with room and board for herself and Robert at the home of William Farthing, a Lord. Sadly Andrea knows of the fate that is going to befall William and wars with herself about intervening. She also must come up with a decision if she wishes to return to her old life in the 21st century or try to keep her new one int the 17th.

    I enjoyed how both the positive and negative aspects of the 17th century are addressed. The dirty and poor living conditions are clearly depicted, as are the differences in food compared to what we are used to today. The lifestyle of those in the 17th century is very different from modern times but slower and calmer as well.

    There is nothing in this book I noticed that would make it inappropriate in any way. Those who like historical fiction and romance will probably enjoy this book.

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