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Vortex 184°-bookcover

By: Janice Wilson

Vortex 184°

Pages: 214 Ratings: 4.8
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Follow Lewis and his best friend, Corky, on an amazing journey full of unexpected, and sometimes frightening, adventures. Their friendship is tested to the limit as they encounter a world that has been dramatically changed from the one they know. It is a world inhabited by creatures that are shunned and no longer accepted by their natural environment; where the ‘unknown’ is always a scary possibility.

Can their friendship endure such a life-changing experience? More importantly, will they survive to describe what they have seen?

Janice Wilson lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She has always been captivated by the diverse Australian landscape and the beauty of nature. During her career as a Special Education Teacher, she created stories to motivate students to embrace the world around them. She hopes that the readers of Vortex 184° will not only enjoy the story, but be stimulated to think about the effect their daily decisions have on the environment. She strongly believes that the preservation of this beautiful world for future generations, rests on responsible commitments made today.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Norman Jorgensen, multi-award-winning author of a dozen books including The Smuggler’s Curse, Jack’s Island and In Flanders Fields

    This is storytelling at its most epic. Vortex 184° begins as a family story with a quiet mystery and a spooky house but quickly develops into a galloping hold-onto-your-hat ride of exciting adventure. You will find yourself reading this book in one sitting, often breathlessly, while on the edge of your seat as you cringe with terror.

    A creepy haunted house hiding a magical book that accesses a portal that can carry you through time and space to a wild and dangerous African-like landscape teeming with mystical beasts and lost tribes. Only someone special can share the secrets of the mysterious book. Who could resist such a tale? Not me! I plunged in feet first!

    Lewis discovers he is the only one with the proper ancient bloodline to access the mystical book, and together with his best friend Corky, they are carried through a portal, Vortex 184°, to a location straight out of The World Time Forgot. It is a scary land of mountains, gigantic waterfalls, dense jungles, dark caves, and boy eating beasts like they have never imagined.

    After several hair-raising encounters, the boys spy smoke way off in the distance and embark on an epic quest full of terrors in search of other humans who may be able to help them – or may just as easily kill them as strangers. Theirs is a classic expedition through dense jungles over raging rivers and across open prairies, all the while pursued by monsters, killer spiders and deadly insects.

    How can two boys face so much fear and life-threatening conditions and still find the strength and will to continue their quest to return home?

    We will all be waiting eagerly for the sequel to see if Lewis and Corky do indeed escape the vortex and its mysteries and return safely to their families.

    Any kids who love adventure will undoubtedly love this book, as will, many adults.

  • Deborah Haddrick

    This time-slip adventure will lead the teenage reader into a dystopian world where nothing in nature is as it should be. The reader embarks on a rollicking adventure with Lewis and Corky where they encounter terrifying creatures and nail-biting adventures at every turn of the page.
    Showcased is Mrs Wilson’s passion for the planet which leads us all to question our own environmental behaviour and commitment to preserving our world as we know it. Vortex 184 leaves the reader wanting more and, judging by the revelations of the final chapter, we have not seen the last of Lewis and Corky.

  • Sue Hamilton

    I was very fortunate to read this fabulous book by Janice Wilson, prior to its release. It was intense, exciting and one of those titles, you cannot put down until you find out what will happen in the end. The amazing adventures of Lewis and Corky through the vortex is so well written. It is very imaginative and so descriptive; you are virtually right there with the two boys. I loved this book, it has a very important message to tell, one that is important for all of us to hear. I am waiting for book 2, for this adventure to continue.

  • Noel Corley

    I have known Jan Wilson as a warm, caring, tolerant and loving person for 35 years - not as a close friend I spend a lot of time with, but rather, as a friend it is always good to spend time with.
    The story leading up to the "through the looking glass" moment transported me back to the days of my early teens, to the adventures of The Famous Five and the Secret Seven. So exciting!!

    What a wonderfully imaginative journey we experience with Lewis and Corky, interwoven with the qualities and values of true friendship, respect for self, others, and most importantly the world they visit.
    The message in the final few pages of the book left an indelible impression on me, such as the power of the words.
    Young readers cannot fail to hear the siren call, and I only hope Jan's message galvanises thought and action from the young people, our only hope to stop the myopic Clavikkers of our world.

    Thanks, Jan for pouring yourself into creating Vortex 184 - a wonderful contribution and hopefully a catalyst for us all to go beyond the world of "me".

    Noel Corley

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