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Wet Wings: The Wrath of Real Love-bookcover

By: Joseph Mosata

Wet Wings: The Wrath of Real Love

Pages: 424 Ratings: 5.0
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Two passionate lovers find themselves caught inside a paradox of dreams and nightmares. The world they believed they’d created through synchronized dreams appears to be a much different place basking with the monstrosities of a bleak forgotten world of lost angels living in a valley—ones waiting for the end times.

And now Quinton Barker in his quest to find his beloved, an exotic woman by the name Juliana Rose, must battle through his own pain and break free from the wrathful deafening whips of torment and eternal death. With the help of his own tribe inside a tree house village—a utopian territory governed by a tribe of lost angels, he must find the truth and pour it out into reality.

Juliana is counting on Quinton to wake up again, but will it be possible after he finds himself seduced by aura of darkness to stay? He is strong enough to find his way back to the wrath of her real love? Will their love ever prevail through the midst of madness and deranged monsters lurking from every mountain cliff?

Dive deeper into an ethereal world under constant war with many forces possessed with elusive power!

Joseph Mosata is an author from the Republic of Botswana with high qualifications and expertise in real estate and mining. He’s a gifted writer driven to articulate some of the world’s greatest mysteries through fiction—with an unquenchable fire to elevate and become an impactful leader to the world. ‘Through creation we are birthed into existence and through faith we are carried from the norm and elevated to the galaxy, where we beam like stars uniquely placed just at the right moment to brighten up a dark place. Be of great importance to the Sovereign Empire.’ – Joseph Mosata

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Anonymous Reviewer

    There's always something unique and fascinating about a new voice entering the scene. I enjoyed how pleasant it was to just immense in the first chapter and how relatable the Quinton's story is. There's so much diversity in the characters and the plotting. It allows for one to be able to dive into the story line and just be connected in every details. That's the beautiful part about the Wet Wings Series; There's life, wit and an abundant flow of extraordinary flavor pasted onto every page until the very end. I do recommend it, for it is an enjoyable read.

  • Elvina Ryanto

    This book is amazing. Notes to author : please export your book to Indonesia, my home country so that we could enjoy your creation.

  • Helen Akoth

    After a series of heartbreaks, Quiton is greatly depressed and almost certain that he will never find true love. His feelings for women have since withered away, and he is still grieving after a painful betrayal by his ex-girlfriend, Calista. However, this changes one day when he meets Juliana Rose at a music and carnival festival. Everything about Juliana was magical; she was outgoing, beautiful, and had that positive aura in her—a promising love candidate. However, not long after knowing each other, Juliana is set to visit her parents in South Africa for a short holiday. And having known each other for only a short time and for fear of being lonely again, Quinton decides to accompany her. He believes that going with her to South Africa will enable them to further cement their blossoming relationship and bond, but little did he know that the supernatural world also had its plans. How will it be?

    Wet Wings: The Wrath of Real Love by Joseph Mosata is a gripping fantasy story incorporating romance. Alternating between Europe and Africa, it follows the life of Quinton as he tries to combat his dark, traumatizing past to free his heart to experience love again. The story also has supernatural elements, and as it progresses, the line between reality and illusion keeps on diminishing, not only for Quinton but also the readers. Worlds shift from Earth to other ethereal ones, such as heaven and hell, and these have been achieved through lucid dreams, nightmares, hallucinations, telepathy, and synchronized imaginations.

    There were several things I liked about this novel. First, right from the first page, I couldn’t help but realize the author’s top-notch choice of words and how descriptive he was. I liked how the scenes and events were expertly and figuratively described, awakening various senses, such as the sense of sight, smell, and touch, among others. Moreover, this book is not only entertaining, but it also has some invaluable life lessons to pass on to readers. There are several concepts in this book that are liberating, informative, and thought-provoking. Apart from that, I also liked the ending. The wrap-up was a complete surprise, and it left me with a dreamy feeling, making me reevaluate what I thought I knew about the plot since it was not what I could have imagined. Like fish and a baited trap, the author’s exemplary narration completely captures the readers’ attention, making them oblivious of the surprising ending awaiting them.

    What I liked the most about this book was how well the author captured the characters’ inner emotions. Specifically, I was in love with how he allowed the readers to get into Quinton’s mind to experience with him his hurts, doubts, and fears, among other emotional turmoils he was having in his life. The author captured the feelings in a very realistic manner, and I believe many readers will relate to Quinton’s romantic experiences and struggles.

    Overall, I found only one negative thing to mention about this book: the editing. Although the book seems to have been professionally edited and the errors I found were not that distracting, I am forced to deduct a star to rate it three out of four stars due to their number. I believe another round of proofreading is necessary to make it reach perfection. If it were not for the errors, I would have definitely given it the highest possible rating since I greatly enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.

    Anyone who has ever suffered heartbreak in their lives will relate to Wet Wings and have a lot to learn from Quinton’s journey, and I highly recommend it to them. In general, readers who like fantasy and romance stories will also appreciate it. There was only light erotic content in the book, and sex was described in general terms, leaving out most details for the readers to fill in. However, it is still suitable for a mature audience. I also saw some scenes where the rainbow community was represented, although the acts were not explicit. There were also profanities in it, sprinkled here and there. Except for those who can be affected by such, I can’t think of any other reader who may find this book least suitable.

  • Malebogo Jansen

    I absolutely love how the story just unfolds with every chapter. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys diving deeply into adventurious thrills. I really do see a blockbuster movie from this and I'm happy that I got to read this book. If anyone ask about this book! I would say- simply amazing and easy to red.

  • Lorato Lydishia

    I find this book so interesting and detailed. The author is really onto something big here. I hope to read what he publishes next! Get yourself a copy and enjoy this new masterpiece

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