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Who is Jeff Walker?-bookcover

By: Sanjeev Shetty

Who is Jeff Walker?

Pages: 274 Ratings: 4.7
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Jeff Walker is one of the best golfers in the world. But all of a sudden, he seems at a crossroads. Controversial posts on social media and alleged death threats lead to Team Walker hiring extra security. Enter Sam Langford, a West London based security expert who follows Walker around, finds nothing suspicious but does find time to fall in love with the golfer’s agent.

Meanwhile, in the Midlands, police officer Catherine Horvill’s search for a missing man sees her uncover a drug cartel who threaten her life. And it leads her to London and Langford.

Full of suspense, mystery and murder, Who is Jeff Walker? will keep you guessing until the final page.

Sanjeev Shetty is the author of the critically acclaimed boxing book No Middle Ground as well as a biography of Lionel Messi. In a career that has spanned four decades, he has worked in journalism and politics. He lives in Cheshire with his wife, Laura, and their two sons.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Rachel Jackson.

    The primary ingredient required to make a good thriller is suspense. The apprehension that comes with the build-up of suspense is what draws the reader into the story. And it is here that works like 'Who is Jeff Walker?' by Sanjeev Shetty contend as one of the primary examples of the genre. I recently had the opportunity of reading the work and I was blown away. The premise of the plot, the pace of the action, and the mystery are all spot on.

    The story runs on dual grounds. On the one hand, it focuses on Jeff Walker, a seemingly normal, world-famous golfer who suddenly finds his life under threat. On the other hand, we come across Catherine Horvill, a police officer who after coming upon a drug cartel, finds her life in danger as well. The connecting factor, of these two unrelated characters, is the security expert, Sam Langford. And what follows is a roller-coaster ride filled with fatal twists and intrigue. The book begins with chapters alternating between Sam and Catherine. Sam narrates his dedicated chapters, so the insight into his character is brought out very well. While the chapters dedicated to Catherine use the third-person omniscient narrator, which points out the details without bias. The differing conflicts are laid out concisely. But delving into plot details is not my goal here. And I urge anyone planning to pick up this work to delve into the story and uncover the webs of mystery for themselves!

    The story works and is very engaging. Firstly, the characterization is life-like. The characters feel inspired by actual people and each possesses unique traits. But Sam Langford stole the show for me. He goes through a well-crafted character arc. The language used is conversational and aids the swift pace of the plot as well. Highly recommended!

  • Daisy Blacklock

    I really got attached to the characters and I thought the story was complex. The characters and story really worked hand in hand together and it made for a great read.

  • Mommy_and_books

    Officer Catherine Horvill had been working for West Midlands Police for a year. She is working on the case of the disappearance of 27-year-old Walid Mahmood. Was he drawn into IS? Sam Langford is to be the bodyguard of Jeff Walker, the world's number one former golfer, four days a week. Why? Because he's been getting death threats for a while. What happens when Jeff suddenly disappears? In this book, I met a brilliant investigation led by a young and ambitious police officer. I followed her story with bated breath. If you like LGBT themes in books, you will get them here. Jeff Walker's case intertwines with Catherine's investigation. In one chapter we read about the officer, and in the next about Sam and Jeff. Reading "Who is Jeff Walker?" I was wondering if the two stories would connect, or if I was dealing with two stories in one book. It bothered me a bit, it's mixing up the story. I couldn't concentrate properly on one story. The action is very slow at the beginning. It picks up speed in the middle of the book. And in the end, it flies like a storm. I didn't expect such twists and turns. I read the end of this book with great suspense. It was a real bomb. If you like thrillers with unexpected twists, then be sure to read "Who is Jeff Walker?". Don't be put off by the beginning. The further, the better. The entire story takes place in Great Britain. Overall, "Who is Jeff Walker?" It's a good thriller worth reading. I recommend.

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