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Zeeglit's Quest-bookcover

By: Susan Wilsher

Zeeglit's Quest

Pages: 212 Ratings: 4.0
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Zeeglit is a young moogle. And what, you may ask, is a moogle? Well, moogles live on the three layers of the clouds. Zeeglit and his family live on the Nimbostratus, the lowest of these layers, and our story begins with a prophecy of travel and danger.

A short while later our hero sets out on a quest travelling between the cloud layers via moonbeams, ice surfing with new friends, taking a thrilling ride on the jet stream and meeting many strange and weird creatures – some friendly, some not!

However, his real troubles begin when he meets the notorious thordites who also live in the cloud lands. Zeeglit suddenly finds himself leading a daring rescue mission for moogles kidnapped by the enemy.

‘Now!’ yelled Zeeglit as the sun reached its peak and beams of light bounced off each jewelled face and reflected in the deep crystal water below. Coils of rope snaked their way from above into the cavern and as if one, the moogles below stood and advanced towards them.

Susan Wilsher lives with her husband and shaggy dog in a cosy cottage in Wales where she has had a wonderful time raising two amazing daughters.


She has thoroughly enjoyed her career as a primary teacher with a particular passion for teaching Year 6. As Literacy Co-ordinator, she found pleasure in developing language and imaginative writing with many pupils, alongside creating her own imaginary world in the clouds.


Flying abroad regularly has enhanced this project. Observations of fascinating cloud formations, shadows and reflected light have fed her imagination, leading to the development of this parallel world above our own.

Customer Reviews
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1 reviews
  • Louise Ceres

    Genre – Middle-grade fantasy
    Literary style – comfy quest

    Middle-grade, accessibly written, clean fantasy, on a well thought-out world-build in the clouds.

    I enjoyed the milieu (social setting) and the excellent creatures (not just the moogles), quite unlike anything I have encountered before, although I kept thinking about Ursula K Le Guin’s ‘Athsheans’, however, the worlds are completely different, and this is not an adult fantasy read.

    The story is really about the quest which left me feeling a little hungry for character motivation and emotional depth, there were a couple of incidences of too much telling and not enough showing in this story for my personal preference. However, the narrative style is evocative of a teacher telling a story to an audience and I believe, in the context of the work’s genre, and age range, that this was probably the right thing to do and rather than be detrimental it added a certain cadence to the narration which actually resulted in a comfy/cosy fantasy read. Highly enjoyable in that context context and although Zeeglit gets into some serious scrapes on his quest the situations are age-appropriate in terms of levels of fear, violence, or danger which is a difficult thing to achieve for any writer.

    All in all, I thought this was a charming read and would have LOVED this when I was 8 and was reading The Wind in The Willows and The Hobbit.

    Extract from Zeeglit’s Quest…“It had turned into a beautiful night and the stars twinkled brightly in the heavens. Lying on his back on the damp floss, paws behind his head, he looked for a space where the fallen star might have come from, but he couldn’t see one. As the wispy clouds of the Cirrostratus drifted across his vision, he marvelled at the size of the universe and how lucky they were to have the visitors sleeping close by – creatures that he hadn’t known existed until recently. He wondered what other beings were out there and, not for the first time, he wondered whether there might even be life on the Oodle Pool far below.”

    I received a Review Copy of Zeeglit’s quest. All opinions in this review are just that, my opinion.

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