Esther Lawson will be at ‘Hope & Anchor Pub’ for Celebration Soiree
The author of ‘What’s The Matter’, Esther Lawson, is invited at Hope & Anchor Pub: 123 Acre Lane, Brixton, for the celebration of her Podcast with Creative Alliance. Her podcast became the most popular podcast of the season. She will answer the questions of the audience and will present the copies of her book for sale.   The book ‘What’s The Matter’ is a sad story of a mixed-girl who experiences racism by the society in a post-war Britain. The story is told through the eyes of a child who faced miseries and racial discrimination from society. She says that we are all from a human race but you won’t be accepted if you are different from them in any way. You will have to fight for your right and make your place.   The author, Esther Lawson is a passionate writer who strives for the best in life. She aspires to achieve the impossible and is always going against the odds. She likes the history and lives in an old Victorian House from 1837.
02, Dec 2018
Land and Sea Brewery