Karen David at the Southridge RSPCA Family Fun Day and Dog Show
Join Karen David, author of 'The Kingdom of Puli' at the Southridge RSPCA Family Fun Day and Dog Show on Sunday 16th July. Karen will be there to answer any questions you have and discuss the book. 'The Kingdom of Puli' tells the tale of three generations of the Royal Puli Family. The Pulies are a highly intelligent species that are dog-like in appearance. 'The Kingdom of Puli' is a magical place, mystical horses fly across the sky and gladiators perform battles in the Great Arena. The Royal Family of Puli have magical powers, which are bestowed on them by the highest wizard. They are only allowed to use their magic for good not evil. Any Puli caught practicing evil is banished to Togo: a dark horrible swampland on the borders of the Kingdom. The story begins when the Evil Warlock casts a spell on Prince Ceaser and turns him into an ordinary dog. Then he locks him in an old chest and transports him to earth. A little girl called Lilly finds the chest in her garden shed. Lilly enters in the magical world of adventure and friendship with the Pulies. This spans over three generations of her family. They accompany the Puli princes on exciting quests to save the kingdom from being destroyed by the Evil Warlock.
16, Jul 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
The Plough Inn, Leechpond Hill, Lower Beeding, Horsham RH13 6LT