Annette Titchen and her book get featured on Great Barr Observer

Annette Titchen and her book get featured on Great Barr Observer

The Great Barr Observer features a story on Annette Titchen, the author of children’s story book, The Garden Shed – Polly and Daisy. The story covers her idea of writing a book for the children. Describing her new book, Annette explains how her elder daughter, Krystie, who was three, turned out to be an inspiration for the book.

One wet Saturday, Krystie felt upset and couldn’t play in the garden and this made us turn our garden shed into a toy store by hiding the gardening tools. All the characters in the book are based on her toys, which are named either after the silly pet names or after the family members.

The book revolves around all these colourful characters and allows you to find out what happens when you aren’t there. The toy characters in the book teach how useful they can be in encouraging the imagination of children and helping them build their thoughts.

Annette wrote this beautiful children’s book for her own children, who are now 23, 18 and 9 respectively. She hopes her book has something special for every parent and child. Adding more, she was of the view that writing this book for her children made her feel satisfied and special.

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