BBC Radio Nottingham interviews John Mabbs of ‘It’s About Time’

BBC Radio Nottingham interviews John Mabbs of ‘It’s About Time’

The BBC Radio Nottingham interviewed author ‘John Mabbs’ about his new book ‘It’s About Time’.

The book is about the people who love’s to travel. John writes about himself in his new book that how life seems to be standing still in one place when we surrender to the state of affairs.

He says that we can never escape these unending chores of life unless and until we want to.

He writes about his journey of how he and his girlfriend quit their jobs, sold everything and set out on an epic road trip of their lifetime.

This book has a lot of useful information for people who are looking for a road trip across Europe or who are making a permanent move abroad.

The author thinks that there are a lot of incredible things that we can do with our lives once we put our minds into it and experience the joy of that we cannot see in the darkness of our dreary lives.

John Mabbs worked for many years as a driver and has traveled a lot. He is a passionate writer who is also interested in social and environmental reforms.

He likes to travel, loves tasty food and keeps good company. Currently, he is residing in the calm and peaceful terrain of Bulgaria.