‘A British War Dance’ is a war story with a twist

‘A British War Dance’ is a war story with a twist

Lee Wilmore has brought another dimension to World War II with his new novel ‘A British War Dance’. The book received another 5-star review in April.

The review said “story enables the reader to visualize the surroundings.”

The book revolves around the story of a young man from Birmingham who fought in Germany alongside with his brother in World War 2.

Upon his return home, he is accompanied by the haunting memories of the war which makes his life miserable and hopeless.

Struggling in the race of life and being deprived of love and affection, the non-ending hardships seems to be his only fate.

Until he faces a life changing event, which returns the lost happiness back to his life.

The pleasures of life start knocking on his door and life finally seems to be going in the right direction for him, but fate decides to test him once more.

The lovely moments of his life fade away and the troubles of his life return.

Lee Wilmore, who is a fiction writer, has a keen interest in dance and the war time era. Both are clearly depicted in this story.

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