C. T. Mitchell featured in Westside News

C. T. Mitchell featured in Westside News

C.T. Mitchell was the subject on an article that appeared in Westside News recently. The news paper serves the local community in Brisbane, Australia. The article made mention of how his book ‘Murder Secret’ will soon appear in stores like WH Smith in Australia.

The mystery novel centers around a serial killer that who is on the loose in Cabarita Beach.

He has been killing for about a decade and the authorities still don’t have any clues about who the person is.

Detective Creed is the point man of the investigation and he is struggling until a new team member joins up. Jo has a family history of attachment with the law enforcement but she is determined to make her unique mark on the force.

She discovers a clue that may uncover the whole mystery and finally help catch the killer.

Her young career hangs in the balance, because if she is wrong the media will have her head.

Mr. Mitchell is an experienced writer and has been writing crime, murder and mystery novels for years.

His first book ‘Rejection’ was an international best seller.

He has enjoyed a long line of successful novels after that. He spends a lot of his time in Cabarita Beach, the setting for his latest book published by Austin Macauley Publishers.