‘Choices’ featured in RWNZ Members Magazine

‘Choices’ featured in RWNZ Members Magazine

Elizabeth M. Price’s novel is making waves in the literary community, it was recently featured in an article on Romance Writers of New Zealand (RWNZ) Members Magazine. ‘Choices’ explores the topic of life and love and is the first book by the writer, though she is planning to write 2 more books on the topic that are unrelated to this story.

Story introduces us to the character named Earth. She has had a happy life in a strict community, mostly because that is the only life that she has known. But all of that is about to change.

She has been betrothed to a man who is older than her and she takes action to change the future that has been planned for her.

Elizabeth in RWNZ Members MagazineRWNZ Members Magazine

Escape is her only option, which is daunting because she doesn’t know anyone outside her community and she has nowhere else to go.

The brave move to step out into the world takes her to a new place where she meets someone that may change her life forever. But her past will always remain with her.

The tale of love is told beautifully by the author. She makes it feel like we are experiencing every moment along with Earth.