Christine Johnson was at The Brampton Museum for her book reading

Christine Johnson was at The Brampton Museum for her book reading

Author of the book ‘Max, Mouse and the Doll’s House’, Christine Johnson was at the Brampton Museum - Brampton Park, Newcastle for the book reading ceremony of her book. Christine enjoyed the event and was applauded by the audience for her work.

This is the story of a little boy, Max who likes to visit her Nani’s house and to play with the dollhouse there. Little Max never knows that when he goes to sleep, his dollhouse comes to life.

Max comes to know that the cellar door of the dollhouse leads to a jungle where he meets Charlie, a chimpanzee, who has lost his family at a tea party and now he is searching for them. Max and the Mouse agree to help him in finding his family and together they set on a journey where they are accompanied by their other friends Seb, the snake; Ollie, the elephant, and Edward, the eagle.

They must look out for the dangers as a jungle can be a scary place. Together they want to help Charlie so that Max and the mouse can make their way back home.

The author Christine Johnson was born in Staffordshire. She was raised in an Anglo Irish family and attended Catholic Convent and Grammar School. She graduated in B.A Honors in Business Studies.

She has a daughter and two grandchildren who truly adores her stories.