Craven Herald features article about ‘The History of Skipton’

Craven Herald features article about ‘The History of Skipton’

The Craven Herald Newspaper features an article about Ian Lockwood’s ‘The History of Skipton’. The article says that ‘The History of Skipton, is the most comprehensive to be published about the town since William Dawson’s History of Skipton almost 150 years ago.’ The book is based on the 12 years long research of former Craven Herald editor.

The book is based on the history of the old town of North Yorkshire, Skipton and is believed to be the most inclusive book published at the age of 150 years. The book focuses on the ordinary life of the people of the town and on their health, hygiene, work, and recreation. The book covers the period of the Norman quest to the present.

The book makes use of the long-forgotten records and files to reveal the true history of the town that has never been discussed before.

The book has a separate chapter of Murder which shows the profound history of the town in crime and scandals.

The book also marks many historical buildings and its association with the events from the past. In short, the book is a complete edition for people who want to study the rich history of this town and its affiliation to different events from the past.

The author, Ian Lockwood was born in Skipton and was educated at the Marist College, Hull and at the University of York.

He remained at the position of editor for Craven Herald between 1993 and 2008.

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