The Joe Piscopo Radio Show Interviewed Arthur Cola for his Thrilling Mystery Book

The Joe Piscopo Radio Show Interviewed Arthur Cola for his Thrilling Mystery Book

Our amazing author Arthur Cola was interviewed by the Joe Piscopo Radio Show for his mystery murder book titled Murder in the Abbey. The show was broadcasted on Monday 4th October, at 7:40 am Eastern Time and 6:40 am Central Time on channel AM 970. The New York City broadcast was an outcome of the De Cenza Murder Mystery series book event which took place last week at the Columbus Citizens Foundation.


Murder in the Abbey is the story of Ron de Cenza, who decides to become a priest, against his family’s will. The Church selected him to go to a Latin school in the Wisconsin countryside. Together, with nine other progressive priests like him. This story tells us about the struggles of a priest who had to adapt to a new life while also making his family understand his motives and intentions. In all this chaos, he starts attending the abbey, where he smells something fishy.

With his new friends, he must bring the secrets out to the surface and uncover a possible murder.


Arthur Cola was born in Chicago in the Little Lady locality, close to the western side. Eventually, his family shifted to Oak Park, Illinois. There, he went to the Oak Park-River Forest High School. He then went on to study at the Loyola University, Chicago, where he met Donna Shields, whom he married eventually. Now parents to five adult children and grandparents to seven grandchildren, they are living a blissful life in Wisconsin.

Arthur has been working in the Education sector for 35 years. He has worked as a History teacher and also a school principal. He went to the University of Southern Mississippi, from where he got his master’s degree. Later, he attended the University of St. Mary of the Lake and Loyola University, Rome to get his postgraduate degree.