Julie D. Jones’s Book Reviewed by Paul Norman

Julie D. Jones’s Book Reviewed by Paul Norman

Paul Norman reviewed the ‘Moorland Forensics – conspiracy of Souls’ by Julie D. Jones. The reviewer gave a summary of the crime story. The review was published in Books Monthly UK.


Moorland Forensics – Conspiracy of Souls is a crime story about the strange disappearance of a young reporter and daughter of a wealthy Philanthropist. After three decades, two dead bodies are discovered. To investigate the murder, three siblings James, Fiona and Katie help out the police. Will the investigation lead to something conclusive? Order a copy to find out!


Julie D. Jones was born in Devon and raised in the South Hams. She is a journalist, an expert flautist, and a skilful horse rider. She writes the Moorland Forensic crime novels and this is her second novel in the series.



Review by Paul Norman in Books Monthly UK

I previously reviewed Julie's book DEVIL'S REALM a couple of years ago, something she remembered and graciously sent me a copy of her latest title, CONSPIRACY OF SOULS from "down under". This is Julie's third "Moorland Forensics" novel, featuring siblings James, Fiona and Katie Sinclair as they assist the police with a, particularly gruesome murder in the southwest of England. Forensics as the "detectives" isn't new in British Crime Fiction, we have Val McDermid's Doctor Tony Hill, of course, but I especially like the fact that the three siblings have all followed the same career path and have set up their own company which enables them to participate in complex and puzzling murder investigations. This is very well written, with realistic dialogue and excellent set pieces, and the reference to a wartime incident fits in well with the historical aspects of the case. This is the second book I've read this month with strong links to the Catholic church (see my review of the latest Jane Tennison novel by Lynda La Plante). Thanks to Julie for sending me this brilliant book. You can purchase it from Amazon UK, of course.