‘Love YOU for YOU!’ is an Inspiration for Everyone

‘Love YOU for YOU!’ is an Inspiration for Everyone

International author Precious Allen gave an interview on a radio recently to talk about the self-empowering message of her book ‘Love YOU for YOU!’. The author is a human rights champion and spreads her motivational message in different avenues in Chicago, Illinois.

Her book carries words that will inspire teachers, parents, children, humanitarians, and everyone else who reads it to keep doing the good work and helping humanity as a whole.

In a world where acceptance of diversity has become a problem; we see aggression against people who are even slightly different, national level campaigns against minorities and events that put humanity to shame, Precious has crafted words that teach acceptance at all stages of life.

Her belief in the concept of global citizenship is apparent in the lines she has written.

They show how we live in a multi-cultured world and respecting everyone’s beliefs is all our responsibility. The book also helps readers with self-esteem development. The simple yet profound message of the book is delivered beautifully by the author.

A passionate educator and human rights activist, the author holds a Master’s degree in reading specialization. Her world revolves around her charity work, family and friends.

You can listen to the complete interview here: https://www.mixcloud.com/johnnieogospelshow/precious-allen-the-author/