A lovely review given by a fan of Kit West's ‘The Lion Tamer’

A lovely review given by a fan of Kit West's ‘The Lion Tamer’

A reader impressed by the astounding writing skills of Kit West and has written a very enthusiastic review on the fantasy book ‘The Princess and The Lion Tamer’. It states as following:

“Kit West's The Lion Tamer (Austin Macauley) is such a remarkable and unusual book that the reader who wishes to fit it into any specific category (prose poem, science fiction, surrealist work) will be stumped.  Hence, it's fascination.  It often resembles a religious epic, an effect heightened by the protagonists' Old Testament names, the presence of lions more mythical than real and the constant shifting of the actors from place to place as if on pilgrimage.  In fact, one of these places is a temple, which they build in a primordial cave.

The language flows with such cadence, that it is not surprising to find that West is primarily a poet.  Passages of the text flow rhythmically chassé word after word and suddenly come to a bras bas halt with one-word paragraphs, "So?", "And?"  Ballet terms are appropriate here, considering that West's prose often seems choreographed. What's more, her novel will soon be made into a ballet.”

The book is from the era when Earth is deterred almost uninhabitable in consequence of the wars, human lives are left at mercy of two machines, a peacekeeper, that controls their dreams, emotions, and memories, other, that pumps Godly strengths in humans, instantly bulking muscles and thickening bones, for them to travel through space to another planet. But there are ‘Others’, beautiful Lion-mutants that will kill.

Kit West spent most of her young age in Columbia and received her M.A. in Literature and Creative Writing. She has taught creative writing at the college level and published 3 poetry books. She now runs a bookstore and has published her first novel.