RedShiftRadio gets a taste of ‘The Bee Hive’

RedShiftRadio gets a taste of ‘The Bee Hive’

Simon Adepetun meets Mark Sheeky and talks about his book on his radio show RedShiftRadio. The radio show from Nantwich hosted the author of ‘The Bee Hive’ and discussed his creative children’s book.

In the book, a young kid named Daniel is dealing with his life’s difficult problems. His parents like to work and shop more than listening to him.

He considers himself to be an only child, though he does have a sister who is peculiar, according to him. She may not even be from this world because she is obsessed with her dolls and thinks very little of anything else.

Dan also has a friend named Benji who turns his world upside down with a discovery – a bee hive.

He discovers something that starts him down a path that is full of danger. His sister takes a sudden interest in what he is doing and there are strange men that are after a map that he has found.

The delightful story is well-written by Simon. He hails from Manchester and has a degree in English Studies.

The book is a labor of love for him and it came out as highly entertaining and is suitable for children of all ages.