Rough Diamonds is now available in book outlets

Rough Diamonds is now available in book outlets

This historical fiction focusses on the difficulties of Helen’s family. A mother of two, Helen vanishes after suffering at the hands of her alcoholic and abusive husband, Jim. The struggle intensifies when Jim is killed and their 13 year old son, Bill, is tasked with looking after not only himself, but his younger sister, too. 

Soon, Jack, a friend from Helen’s youth, discovers where Helen is and takes Bill to find her, navigating the most difficult of challenges in order to survive. 

The spectre of Helen’s violent past threatens to strike again; will she and her children be able to cope with the terrifying situation awaiting them? 

The story revolves around Helen’s suffering, Bill’s growth, and how Jack’s life starts to bloom again, and there is beauty in how their entwined stories interact.

As of Friday 13th October, the novel is now in 4 Booksellers; Collins Booksellers Mt Gambier; Collins Booksellers Warrnambool, Victoria; Dymocks Books, Adelaide; Dymocks Books Glenelg, South Australia.