Sammy the Stamp by Pip Comport Was Reviewed by Stamp Lovers Website

Sammy the Stamp by Pip Comport Was Reviewed by Stamp Lovers Website

Pip Comport’s book Sammy the Stamp received a glorious review by the stamp lovers for its distinctive storytelling approach of sufferings of wartime yet keeping it simple for kids to comprehend. The book has been doing well with readers as well. Stamp lovers highly recommend this book for those who haven’t read it yet. The blog further stated that the book will be applauded for the lessons it carries for children that are coming from direct life experiences.

The book Sammy the Stamp is not just children’s book but it makes the elders nostalgic by taking them back into the past. The main character of the story Pip brought Indian culture into the family, giving a message that one should be open to embracing the cultural diversity that exists throughout the world.  Spending time in British Army Camp in Madras during world war II, Pip has observed southern India’s life very closely. The unprivileged parents and their children have a great impact on Pip’s life.  While on the other hand, the beautiful pen-friendship between Laura from England and Dheera from Southern India takes you back into the times when where letter writing was the precious mean of communication. The stamp on the envelope was an integral part of the letter.

The author A.L. (Pip) Comport was born in 1922 in London but soon he moved to Kent where he studied Mechanical Engineering but his studies got interrupted by the war, which cost him to leave the place and live in a camp in Madras in the Far East. He is married to an Australian lady, together they have a daughter. He moved to South Australia with his family in 1957. He returned to Adelaide and established an office for Chartered Surveyors, Jones Lang Wootton. He retired at the age of 58 and recently held a solo exhibition to showcase his 40-year-old paintings.

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