Sarah Milne Has Featured in the ISTD Dance Magazine

Sarah Milne Has Featured in the ISTD Dance Magazine

Sarah Milne, author of 'The Lost Hat', has featured in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) latest magazine.

In the magazine, Sarah can be seen teaching her 'Kitty Katz' dance class, in which she is reading from her book 'The Lost Hat'.

The Dance Magazine can be purchased here.


Kitty Kat is on her way to the Primrose Park for a picnic when she finds a hat at the gate. She takes it upon herself to find the owner of the hat and embarks on an adventure that will take her far and wide. Kitty Kat meets the elegant Mr Swan and the Hip Hopping Mr Frog before taking a boat ride across the lake. Then she meets the famous Primrose Marching Band, dancing and singing all the way around the park until she at last meets the owner of the hat.

This enchanting story of 'The Lost Hat' will have you and your child dancing and singing all day. After Sarah Milne wrote 'The Lost Hat', creating the characters, movement and songs, she was inundated with special requests by her students and parents to write more stories. Sarah wrote her second book and due to the success and continued requests she is now writing her eighth story. The Kitty Katz Club is full of uplifting, enchanting stories, songs and dances about friendship, bravery, team building, confidence and helping one another.