The Showman Patrick Church featured on The Bury Free Press

The Showman Patrick Church featured on The Bury Free Press

The Smallest Show on Earth’ and its author Patrick Church were the subject of an article that appeared on The Bury Free Press newspaper. The newspaper spoke to the author about his fantastic life and everything that inspired him to write the book.

The autobiography takes readers to the 1960s when Patrick started working in a cinema. Story takes us through the very human joy and tribulations of his life as he works in different cinemas around the region.

As a projectionist, he came across many a blockbuster, for example Jaws: one of the biggest films of all time.

There was also the period when TV came along and the audiences at cinemas thinned. The author was in the thick of things at the time and he played a role in keeping cinema in his community relevant.

Patrick Church

His work was never highly paid and he didn’t win any acclaim for it but, it was an adventure nonetheless. He is still working in the industry at the Picturehouse cinema in Bury St. Edmunds.

The engaging story of this projectionist will give readers a unique insight into an industry that has evolved so much since its beginning. From the eyes of this fantastic man you will see every rise and fall in amusing details.