Simon Adepetun Visits Weaverham Forest Primary School

Simon Adepetun Visits Weaverham Forest Primary School

The author Simon Adepetun visits Weaverham Forest Primary School in Weaverham, to the delight of the school children. He was there to talk about his book ‘The Bee Hive’. The children were excited to meet the author and asked him many questions about the book.

The book gives young readers a chance to meet a kid named Daniel Jeremiah Chambers, who is having some very serious problems in his life. His parents are busy with so many things and they never take the time to pay attention to what he is saying.

He also has a sister who doesn’t really understand him either, she is always busy with her dolls and may be from another planet.

He does have a best friend named Benji. He increases his problems by adding one more to the pile, a bee hive that will become a den soon. This gets Dan into all sorts of trouble and it is exciting to read how he manages all of them.

Simon was born in Manchester but currently lives in Cheshire. He has an English Studies bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate certificate in Theatre Studies.

His book takes a whimsical look at a typical life of an eleven-year-old boy. Kids can easily relate to this story because of the perspective it has been told in.