‘Zac Von Stick’ called a “Sweet Book” in a recent review

‘Zac Von Stick’ called a “Sweet Book” in a recent review

Literature Approved, a book review website, recently reviewed Kenneth Caldwell’s book ‘Zac Von Stick’ calling it “a story that parents would want to read aloud”.

The story is a sweet tale of Zac the dog.

He has been feeling very sad. His parents can’t take care of him anymore so he must find another family that will love him.

He gets very attached to a stick and brings it along where he goes.

The book looks into the joy of welcoming a new dog into the family and the excitement of living in a new home.

Book also contains vibrant illustrations to go along with the story of Zac. They are simple, yet capture the emotions of the story very well.

Kenneth adopted a dog named Zac when he lost his family’s dog. Mardi, the old dog, lived with his family for over a decade and his loss was felt by every member of the family.

Zac became his companion through very tough times. He was inspired by the events and decided to write the story down for children to read.

The author is 50 years old and lives in Glasgow with his family and pet dog Zac.

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