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Gordon S. Dickson

Gordon S. Dickson was born near Inverness, Scotland, but left there at a young age when the family moved back to Northern Ireland. He was educated at Secondary and Grammar schools and scraped through English ‘O’ levels, as ‘essay writing’ was not a strong point. He was employed in the Civil Service for a number of years but is now retired and has only recently taken up writing. Verdict Unknown is his first novel. He enjoys reading historical novels, gardening and going to the gym, occasionally, and to the cinema.

Author's Books
An Impossible Quest

In this story set in the ‘Dark Ages’ of British history, two brothers – twins Alfred and Leofric – help win a tribal conflict, but faced with ‘a fate worse than death’, they take to the road. They are seeking adventure and fame and are faced with opposition when Alfred falls in love with...

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Des Pond, Special Agent

Des Pond is probably unique as special agents go! He is indifferent to the lifestyle usually associated with this employment, but his determination to catch those responsible for the murder of five Russians in a British prison leads him into adventures in several countries.Will he catch up with the ...

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Detective Inspector Denison Stories

In Detective Inspector Denison Stories: The Imposter and the Informers’ Murders, the chilling discovery of two murdered colleagues thrusts Detective Inspector Denison into the most personal and challenging case of his career. With scant clues and a list of suspects that keeps growing, Denison and...

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The Heir... Apparently, and Ashes to Ashes, a Short Story

The Heir … Apparently tells the story of the rise of a simple fishmonger who unexpectedly inherits a dukedom. His family then face the many trials and tribulations of restoring and running an extravagant but dilapidated mansion. Can they succeed against the odds? In Ashes to Ashes, a short story ...

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The Sheriff of River Bend

Jim Connor was born James Atlantic O'Connor: an average height, lean but muscular man of thirty-five years of age. He spent some years roaming the country working at ranches and living by his wits. He used poker to finance his own lifestyle before returning to his hometown, River Bend, Wyoming. Ci...

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The Wartime Adventures of Harry Harris

The Wartime Adventures of Harry Harris follows a lieutenant in the Bartonshire Light Infantry, from the outbreak of World War II until it ends, and into peacetime.He has many hair-raising adventures and emerges a hero, much admired by his soldiers and his girlfriend, Mildred....

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The Life and Times of Victoria-Ann Penny

This is a memoir of Victoria-Ann Penny and, as you may have guessed, she is a Victorian penny. This is her story, as best she can remember it. She is well over a 100 years old so her memory might be just a little bit hazy. Born towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign Miss Penny recounts various...

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Verdict Unknown

The continuous ringing of the doorbell disturbs the shower of Detective Sergeant Albert Noel Parke, after he comes home to his wife from a tiring 20-hour shift. When he opens the door, the caller has already left, but what awaits him in his lounge is a gut-wrenching sight, even for a police officer....

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Verdict Unknown... The Sequel

Following the murder of Albert Noel Parke’s first wife and the eventual jailing of the perpetrator, Welshman William Jones, the local police in Cornwall begin to suspect Parke himself. A Detective Inspector in the London Metropolitan Police, known as ‘Bobby’ to his friends, he is accused of f...

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The Spanish Armada

History records that in 1588, the vast Spanish Armada was defeated by the English navy. The English set many of their own ships on fire, then sent the ships at the enemy, scattering them. The Spanish fleet were forced to attempt the dangerous return to Spain via the north of Scotland. Battered by vi...

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