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Shahriar Shahir Barzegar

Shahriar Shahir's life turning point was Shana’s birth in 2000. His main characteristics are being patriotic and philomath and having a great passion  for learning. His motto is love, courage, effort, and faith. 

He has dedicated his life to work and striving for success, growth, and development.  Although he faced obstacles during his path, he gained valuable achievements. 

He got a scholarship from Emirates Flying School and obtained a Pilot's License. He had the incredible privilege of having many careers. However, his passion has  always been business and he believes he grew up in it. 

He implemented the dream of establishing a business with global standards in the  franchise industry. At the same time, he created the Hoopoe brand, which is the fruit  of many years of experience in the business world. In parallel, he published nine books  about the standardization of the franchise industry which contain more than 1000  pages and are registered and certified by UAE. 

He believes he is still at the beginning of this journey

Author's Books
And There's A God Who Is Close By

What is the meaning of our existence? From a human perspective, life may seem chaotic and full of contradictions. However, these contradictions are not at odds with each other, but rather they complement one another. Life doesn't recognize individuals, it recognizes our souls and our presence in...

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