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William P Thomson

William P Thomson, simply ‘PT’ to his friends, once heard from a dear friend about a little dog by the name of George. He had been her companion for sixteen years. The friend’s name was Maria. PT said he’d write a small story about the little fellow. That single story became the book you are now holding.

As George was real, so too were Butch, Gucci and ZAC, and much loved and cherished by their owners. In the book, many of the characteristics of each are also factual.

So, when you next hold and hug your pet, look closer, and you may see the light of magic within them. Love and cherish them, always, as surely they love and cherish you.

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Are you there? Do you still wish to continue to the journey’s end?Do you wish to buy fully into my madness?If so, partake further of my world, and on your own soul be it.However, have a care, as I shall surely enter into yours, become the substance of your own shadow, part of the fibre of your bei...

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Make it to resemble a manSans emotions of any kindIgnorant of pain and pleasureCold: bereft of heart and soulOne to kill at my command.From  ‘PANDORA’...

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George seemed to be a nice, easy-going individual. Dutiful, loyal and trustworthy. However, he was unable to communicate his true self to those about him. You see, he believed himself to be the real George. That’s to say, Saint George: Patron Saint of England, Slayer of Dragons, Rescuer of Damsels...

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Prepare for a nauseating, disgusting, vile, puke-inducing, nonsensical little tale.See: ‘BOGEY’‘You’re telling me ... this Gruntfuttock fella ... sticks a post horn up his backside and blows the frigging Post Horn Gallop!!??’See: ‘BLOW’‘It ripped and tore itself through the birth can...

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