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By: William P Thomson


Pages: 124 Ratings: 4.3
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Make it to resemble a man

Sans emotions of any kind

Ignorant of pain and pleasure

Cold: bereft of heart and soul

One to kill at my command.


William P Thomson, simply ‘PT’ to his friends, once heard from a dear friend about a little dog by the name of George. He had been her companion for sixteen years. The friend’s name was Maria. PT said he’d write a small story about the little fellow. That single story became the book you are now holding.

As George was real, so too were Butch, Gucci and ZAC, and much loved and cherished by their owners. In the book, many of the characteristics of each are also factual.

So, when you next hold and hug your pet, look closer, and you may see the light of magic within them. Love and cherish them, always, as surely they love and cherish you.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Thomas Evans

    Truly spine-tingling horror! As well as mystery and gore, this collection of stories offers an experience, unlike any other horror stories I have read. The experience being- I genuinely felt as if I were involved in the stories myself, trapped with the plethora of gripping characters inside. William. P Thomson writes so well, you really do lose yourself in the dark...

    I suggest EVERYONE reads "Blood" if you dare.

  • Gripping from start to finish

    Like the other works of William P. Thomson, Insanitus is beautifully written. Thomson has the skill to make even the most graphic and grotesque seem poetic. Clearly inspired by classic gothic horror fiction, Insanitus is a collection of short stories that brings the genre into the 21st Century. The first story, Blood, will stay with me for a long time. Investigators Llaw and “Animal” are called to a gruesome scene in a hotel room after a cleaner discovers the body of a man. Thompson skilfully drip-feeds the reader information about the state of the body. This kept me hooked throughout and I was certainly not prepared for what became of “Mr. Nobody”. I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the light-hearted, at time flirtatious dialogue between Llaw and Doctor Munro – the medical pathologist and the horrific scene they found themselves in. the last paragraph sent chills down my spine. The Soliloquy from a Mad Man follows as a device giving insight into “Mr. Nobody’s” state of mind and a voice to the dead. The imagery is repulsive yet described so beautifully that you will not be able to look away or put the book down until you have read the last page.

  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    Insanitus: Into the Darkness by William P. Thomson has a writing style that almost reminds me of H. P. Lovecraft. What might surprise unsuspecting readers is that this is a collection of three short stories.

    What if vampires were real but not in the way society typically thinks of them? What if someone detached from themselves decides to commit suicide by means of the judicial system? What if a secret group of military scientists created something that appeared human but had no emotion and could be programmed? These are the horrors readers will find within these pages. This book makes readers question just what it is that makes someone or something human, and what happens when you take that factor away.

    What I liked best is that this book is disturbing and creepy without being outright scary. The short stories build tension extremely well without dragging anything out.

    Although the content is disturbing I see no reason why young adults couldn’t handle reading this book. It may be more ideal for older audiences that won't be upset by the odd and bazaar. It introduces readers to believable concepts that are also extremely strange.

  • Finola

    “Tolkien was best known for his ability to create strange and wonderful worlds, that fit his beloved fantasy genre to a T. When reading PT, especially in ‘Blood’, I get exactly the same feeling. Only this time, I’m immersed in a world of Gothic horror, with all the juicy trimmings!

    Aspects like the weather and (often real) locations, as well as character appearance, voice, and dress are all expertly crafted and create a real sense of suspense on the very first page! And that’s before you even get to the good stuff in the second half of the story!

    Another thing I love about ‘Blood’ is it could be real, just as the pages I’m reading it on are. The renfield syndrome is real. London, and it’s description, is real. It shows a high level of research and thought behind each story. So although yes, PT does create these new and exciting worlds, they are based around and linked in with the truth - making them even more terrifying.

    In a way, both Tolkien and PT are like Gods. The way they craft and create worlds leaves very little, yet still everything, to the imagination. PT’s work is powerful, moving, and down right frightening and to envoke that using just letters on a page is mightly impressive!”

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