Marketing Through Hashtags: A Guide for Authors to Market Their Books

Marketing Through Hashtags: A Guide for Authors to Market Their Books

If you’re active on social media, you must be familiar with hashtags. Have you ever seen a social post ending with something like #Books, #Love, or even #Bookstagram? Well, these are hashtags, and they certainly play a huge role as far as social media marketing, online book marketing, and reaching out to a new audience is concerned.

What is a Hashtag?

In the digital world of social media, a hashtag consists of a hash key (#) in front of a word. It is used on social media sites to make it easier to find posts or information with a theme or specific content.

In the world of social media, hundreds of thousands of posts get uploaded every day. Users quickly get bogged down due to an overload of content. They get lost and keep scrolling through content that they are not interested in viewing. In such a case, hashtags save the day. Using hashtags make it easy to filter through the digital clutter and only focus on the content we want to see. The hashtag trend started with Twitter, but platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and YouTube have joined the trend.

Hashtags are vital to bolstering reach and engagement today. Hashtags provide the perfect tool to spread the message, find content, and search for trends. Through hashtags, content reaches out to the right audience, which in turn boosts engagement. Interested in getting your book published to showcase your talent to the world? Submit an online form or send us your manuscript now!

Authors can also take advantage of hashtags to build momentum for their books as well. They can use hashtags in a book marketing effort to reach people from all over the world through a digital medium.

How to Market A Book By Getting the Most Out of Hashtags?

1.     Choose Hashtags Wisely

It would be unwise to use random hashtags in your post, hoping you will magically reach tons of new followers. If you want to make an impact through hashtags, select the best ones. There are many tools available online that can help you find popular and industry-centric hashtags for writers. If you are a book writer, you wouldn’t want to use a hashtag such as #Partying or #SuperBowl2021 to increase your reach. So, choose your hashtags wisely!

2.     Avoid Overloading Your Post with Hashtags

Overloading a post with hashtags is a crime! Literally! To market a book effectively and to get the most out of your post, use hashtags that are most relevant to your post. There are different strategies for different social media platforms, so use hashtags according to that platform. According to various studies, the optimum number of hashtags on Instagram is nine. But on Twitter and Facebook, it\'s suggested to use two. For Tik Tok, use five hashtags to get the most benefit.

3.     Create Your Own Hashtags

Once you have built a credible audience on your socials, create personalized hashtags for your posts. If a book signing or book marketing event is coming up, or your book release is just around the corner, create hashtags for it. Keep it simple and sweet! Inculcate popular hashtags with your personalized hashtags to get the most out of your book promotions.

4.     Take Advantage of Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags are all about what people are talking about right now. There are so many trending hashtags for writers, making their mark right now. If you come across a trending hashtag relevant to your niche, make the most of it! Engage with the audience using that tag. In this way, you will add value to your post. If you don’t do that, you run the risk of getting your post lost in the big ocean of unseen posts.

5.     Be Unique

After becoming an author, you want to stand out from the rest., You can do that by being unique and specific. As a book author, you want to market your book and reach your community of bibliophiles using a hashtag. If you want others to jump on, you have to use unique hashtags and expect people to reshare or retweet your post. Without a doubt, hashtags are the ultimate tool for book marketing on social media. You need to implement proper tactics and methods to gain the maximum benefits. It takes time but eventually, it\'s worth it.

Nowadays, many authors use social media as a powerful tool to increase reach and engagement. Hashtags have played a role in getting the author out in front of the social community. Whenever you post on socials, do remember to add hashtags in the captions. Hashtags such as #Bookstagram and #AmReading are popular hashtags, but they are over-saturated as well. You want to use hashtags that are popular, unique, and not used by every other person out there. Reach out to your desired audience by filtering out the digital clutter.

There are many popular yet effective hashtags for writers which they can use to their benefit. Some of them are:

·      #AuthorLifestyle

·      #AuthorCommunity

·      #Authorgram

·      #DebutBook 

·      #Aspiriing Writer

.      #NovelWriter

Keep one thing in mind. Hashtags are there to connect you with your audience and not just to sell your book. Once you connect with your audience successfully, book sales will come along and your book marketing efforts would be effective.

Now that you’re aware of what hashtags are all about, Austin Macauley Publishers present list of various hashtags for writers to maximize their book marketing efforts.

Most Popular Hashtags for Authors

The ideal way to use hashtags for marketing a book would be to mix them up with book-related and genre-related hashtags according to the audience taste.

·      #AMWriting – usually used by authors to indicate they are working on something grand.

·      #FridaysReads – This hashtag is used to tell the readers what you are currently reading (on Fridays)

·      #BookClub – This hashtag refers to the book community, made up of millions of users online.

·      #WritingTip – Tips given by authors on writing, producing content, and general writing tips denoted with this hashtag,

.      #AuthorWednesday – A hashtag used by authors to mark a variety of different tweets. Used for promotions.

Genre Related Hashtags

A genre-related hashtag helps to market a book from a particular genre. 

·      #RomanceWriter – For romantic novels and love sagas.

·      #Horror – For horror fiction

·      #YoungAdult – For Young Adult novels, aimed at 15 to 20-year-olds.

·      #KidLit – Used for children\'s books.

·      #LitFic – For fiction novels.

·      #FantasyNovel – For fantasy novels, popular among teens.

·      #YA – Denotes Young Adult

·      #ShortReads – To promote short stories and novellas.

·      #HistFic – Used for historical fiction books.

Publication Hashtags

These hashtags signify the publishing industry. They are generally used if you want to get in touch with publishers.

·      #PubTip

·      #SelfPub

·      #IndiePub

·      #Publishing

·      #BookPub

Hashtags for Different Days of the Week

Every day of the week has a unique hashtag. Some of the examples are:

·      #TeaserTuesday

·      #FridayFeeling

·      #SundayReads

·      #ThursdaySpecials

·      #DailyReads

Giveaway Hashtags

If you’re looking to give away freebies to bolster your reach, engagement, and book marketing efforts.. You can use these hashtags.

·      #Giveaway

·      #FreeBook

·      #BookGiveaway

·      #NewRelease

·      #BookBuzz

·      #Freebie

Once you start using hashtags regularly, you will witness how effortless it is to expand your reach on social media. By combining a savvy social media strategy and an optimum number of hashtags for each social, with innovation in your social media posts, you can take your book marketing efforts to the next level! Hashtags are a potent tool for any writer to get to the next level. You wouldn’t want to stay behind on the trend. So, what are you waiting for? Start prepping up your hashtag strategy and reach thousands of new followers in no time! 

Good luck!

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