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50 things we all take too seriously-bookcover

By: Luke Harding

50 things we all take too seriously

Pages: 74 Ratings: 4.9
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Do you find yourself stressing out each and every day? Does it seem like it's one thing after another? Do you wish things could seem a bit easier and lighter?
Well, look no further! 50 things We All Take Too Seriously will take you on a journey of relief. As you read, you will begin to realise how we make things seem a lot more stressful than they actually are. To put it bluntly, we are all guilty of TAKING THINGS TOO SERIOUSLY! This book will allow you to change the way you perceive stressful situations to make them ‘not so stressful’ after all. If you are looking for a fun, light-hearted, yet thought-provoking read, then this is the book for you.

Luke was born in Essex and now lives in London. Helping others is what makes him happiest. This is Luke’s debut book. It was inspired from his extensive research into the mind, body and spirit of humans. He wanted to make a profound change to the way he perceived the world. On his journey of self-awareness, he realised there was something that worked best for him. Simply not taking things too seriously, and so the book was born.

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Hanna Nahid

    This book is excellent and packed full of many reasons why we shouldn't take life so seriously. From reading start to finish I felt more refreshed and light at the end because of the reminders in it, all of which I agree with. Great book!

  • James Matthews

    Loved it!
    It made me laugh out loud and I can definitely say I'm a little less serious after reading it.
    Some of the points the author makes really hit home. It was insightful.
    Plus the illustrations are stunning!
    Great job and great book

  • Jackie Dunster

    This book is very well researched and I enjoyed reading it - what an old head Luke has and on such young shoulders. He manages to turn a negative situation into a positive experience.
    Today’s young people have to cope with far more stress and pressure than my 1960s generation ever did. Perhaps this is due to social media and an ever shrinking world.
    In my opinion this is a “must have” read for our young people.

  • Kimberley Bliss Kofou

    I loved this book and actually read it in one sitting I was so engrossed! You can also dip in and out if you need a bit of positive reinforcement or grounding on something that's stressing you. The author adds humour and that personal touch where you can tell he has experienced taking life too seriously, but has changed and is now rooting for you to do the same. With every turn of the page I found myself nodding in agreement, I felt like I had been taken under the authors' wing and was getting that extra special secret to living a happier, less stressful and less serious life!

  • gillian longhurst

    This is a lovely little book; so well presented, and just the right size to carry about with you. The messages` within` lighten your day. There s a different message on every page, so you can dip in and out. Luke has a great way of describing feelings and how to deal with them. He uses a chatty, conversational style. I like it! It's a great, very readable, little book.

  • Tracy peto

    Great book full of very true interesting little facts that make you think about yourself and the world we all live in. It was a joy to read and actually made a lot of sense.

  • Kristine

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the illustrations are brilliant. It's comical, light hearted and such an easy read. I too, am guilty for overthinking and taking things too seriously and it has definitely made me think about ways to change how I perceive things in my life. So thanks Luke! As my job consists of working with a challenging client group, I can use these tips to help others in a therapeutic way!

    Great read and would definitely recommend this! Life is too short!

  • Random Things Through My Letterbox

    This beautifully presented book is just 74 pages long and is 74 pages of complete wisdom. We often stress about the little things as well as the huge world events that we cannot change. Personally, I've found that it's the little things that bother me the most; those ignorant parents who block the road outside of my house as they park up to wait for their kids to come out of school; those people who stop in a shop doorway making me crash into them or even the fact that my cats will eat half a box of food and then all of a sudden decide that that very same food is unpalatable and I have to go out and buy more.

    Of course I stress about the huge things too; the state of the world; the amount of wars and mindless violence that is happening; politics and the fact that people need to visit food banks.

    Luke Harding has taken fifty things that affect the majority of us; that stress us out, and written a short piece about each of them. There's everything from 'the love life', 'class' and 'holding grudges', and his words are not only intelligent and perceptive, he's really funny too.

    Whilst I don't think this book will change your world, it may help you to come to terms with how you look at things around you, and how you let those things affect your day to day life. It certainly made me think about what's important and what's really not worth getting worked up about.

    I do have to mention the amazing illustrations in the book too. I don't know who did them, but they are incredible. Full colour and so powerful.

    A self-help book with a difference. Thought provoking, funny and perceptive with stunning visual images.

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