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Mosul Dreaming: An Australian Psychologist in Iraq-bookcover

By: Diane Hanna

Mosul Dreaming: An Australian Psychologist in Iraq

Pages: 246 Ratings: 4.0
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In 2017 Diane Hanna was offered a role to provide psychological services to international surgical team, 15km from the front line during the last battle of Mosul, Iraq. The mission had provided her with a restored sense of meaning and purpose, which compelled her to return and continue working in the largest humanitarian crisis since the second world war.

In temperatures above 48 degrees celsius, she forged ahead, recruiting members of her mental health team from the camps of those displaced during the conflict. She established programs and activities, for thousands of women and children who were wounded and traumatised by ISIS. On her day off, she often sat in bed and painted those whom she met from Mosul, whilst unable to leave the guesthouse due to the ongoing dangers outside.

When funding to her mission was cut suddenly, Diane made the decision to stay in Iraq which would change her life forever. Alone, and with a life-threatening condition she was now facing a corrupt medical system, and an increasingly volatile environment. Trapped in one of them most hostile countries in the world, she would need to muster all her strength, knowledge and skills, to negotiate her way out.

Her story will astonish and inspire you. It will make you reassess what it means to serve as a humanitarian worker, and remind you that whatever happens, you must keep fighting and never give up.

Diane Hanna is a consultant psychologist, humanitarian, and artist. She has worked in some of the most challenging environments including, immigration detention, prisons, and the NSW Police Force, as well as serving almost seven years in the Australian Army. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, South America, and the Middle East since 2002. Her artwork has been featured online by El Paris, Rudaw Media, and Medesins San Frontieres. She lives and practises in Brisbane, Australia.

Customer Reviews
13 reviews
13 reviews
  • Danielle Betros

    Be careful who you trust in this world. After reading about the couple who rescued Diane, and how they were ripped off, you realise that sometimes there's more to a "story" than meets the eye. The proceeds of this book should be going to them and the debt they accumulated in rescuing her.

  • Allyce Webber

    After knowing the true story of what she did to the peope that helped rescue her I would definitely not recommend. Sometimes there's more to the "story" than meets the eye, and this is definitely one of those times. Be wary of who you trust in this world.

  • the skinny mocha

    wow this lady rocks. met her at her book signing in Dymocks last year and she was so warm and friendly. Terrific read, highly recommended.

  • Chris Burrows

    One hell of a story. The fear, anxiety and frustrations that Diane experienced in the final chapters are palpable to the reader. Diane's story is one of resilience, risk-taking, luck, and good-old just "white-knuckling it" to the finish line. A fantastic read!

  • Erin White

    Wow she's so lucky that those kind people rescued her from the Middle East and paid for her flight home / accommodation etc. Imagine if they hadn't stepped in...
    Fascinating story.

  • Gary Templeton

    Diane's storytelling is fascinating - she's a very talented fiction writer. I feel like this book should have been dedicated though to the couple who rescued her and paid (out of pocket) for her to return to Australia and helped her rebuild her life. Would love to see them properly recognised.

  • J Demarchelier

    A beautiful book… well-written and powerfully delivered.
    Well done Diane, it was a pleasure to serve with you.

  • Bianca Deenan

    Wow! What can I say, but wow! You are a talented author. I can feel so many emotions through your writing. No one could ever understand what you went through unless they have lived it themselves. An amazing book Diane, You should be extremely proud!

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