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Post Traumatic Stress And Disorderly-bookcover

By: Mark Scott

Post Traumatic Stress And Disorderly

Pages: 210 Ratings: 5.0
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Post Traumatic Stress and Disorderly is one man’s story growing up in Liverpool UK and his fight with the mental health condition PTSD, manifested by multiple horrific ordeals.

Symptoms first surfaced as a young teenager after being targeted by the notorious Liverpool Bogeyman during the eighties, stalked and bullied until a violent confrontation was the only way out of the harrowing situation, thus becoming the catalyst for the debilitating mental state.

His ordeal included witnessing three murders (including two in a double gangland execution of friends in his family run health club in the nineties) the investigation, the suspicion of his involvement by the police, the court cases as a pivotal witness, the wearing of a bullet proof vest and self-prescribed remedies of cocaine and alcohol to escape the torturing images embedded into his now fragile mindset. These remedies were just as destructive, helping the demise to an already crumbling psyche. This book is a brutally honest account of one man’s failings to some degree successes in his elusive search for a more stable peace of mind.

But it didn’t stop there. Bolstering the attacks of PTSD, he experienced a car bomb attack to kill and destroy, a near psychotic encounter with a global superstar, incarceration to HMP Liverpool, a near fatal stabbing on a family holiday, right up to the experiences of losing both parents within fifteen months of each other, one to the pandemic in 2020, and the tragic premature loss of his oldest brother shortly after.

This is an account of creating antidotes for better mental health, finally accumulating into a formula of stability that the mental health professionals failed to provide. Like the ups and downs of a vast mountain range Post Traumatic Stress and Disorderly will take you down to the caverns of despair, soaring to the peaks of personal achievement, in a war the author has had with himself.

Mark Scott spent four decades in the health and fitness industry, with competitive sporting disciplines including junior bodybuilding from the age of 16, over 40 physique competition, extensive charitable fundraising running various marathons including New York and London.

Boxing being his number one sporting passion competitive and as a fan, attending many major world title fights over the past 30 years.

Today his interests are in antiques and the vintage.

Spending time with his family that includes his beloved Boston Terrier dogs is when time is treasured the most.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • L Smith

    A very compelling read, I couldn't put it down. Mark tells his story in a conversational fashion, never shying away from the difficult details, but always with honesty and reflection. A raw, true depiction of PTSD and the systemic failings in the UK that often allow people with mental illness to be criminalised, instead of treated, and threatened, instead of protected. Everyone who works in policing or mental health should read this book and educate themselves. Above all this, it is a fascinating story, full of twists and turns and colourful characters; a real journey.

  • R Vernon

    I have been friends with the mark for 37 years. I can remember the earlier events he experienced and witnessed. Mark rarely spoke about the traumatic events. I know why now. Reading his book was very emotional, heartbreaking and inspirational due to his honesty and courage to write about it. The insanity he lived in to his awakening from it, is a miracle.

  • George

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This rollercoaster of tense thought-provoking and insightful stories is incredibly difficult to put down once you’ve started!

    Mark’s conversational tone throughout the book puts you right there with him on the journey as he navigates his personal battle with post-traumatic stress.

    I highly recommend this read, I already know I will be revisiting it in the future.

  • J. Maddison

    Wow! This book has all the themes of a Hollywood blockbuster movie! It’s made me laugh and cry….

    I would like to thank Mark Scott, the author of Post Traumatic Stress Disorderly, for putting his story out there, and showing others that they too can survive their own mental trauma.

    The book documents Mark’s, somewhat horrific accounts of a multitude of terrifying events that happened to him not once or twice but, time after time throughout his life.

    For most of us, it's unfathomable to ever comprehend how anyone could survive this amount of horrific twisted fate on their mental well-being. Moreover, to survive and tell the tale in the hope it aids others to overcome their own difficulties with mental health.

    It was clear Mark was let down so
    many occasions by a variety of mental health professionals. However, there were common threads of support throughout the book, Firstly, of Mark’s love of his sport, health and fitness and his in-depth knowledge of the whole industry.

    Secondly, the unwavering love and support from his wife Tracy, son Liam and daughter Danielle. Also that of his now late parents and 3 brothers. All by Mark’s side throughout each and every horrific event he endured. Finally, the close lifelong friendships Mark forged, especially the close relationship Mark had with his faithful Boston Terriers, both past and present.

    This book is about Marks's fight with PTSD and is sure this book will help so many others with their own mental health struggles. You really won’t be able to put this book down once you start to read it.

    I wish for the future, Mark and his family have a peaceful life ahead of them, filled with the love and happiness Mark really deserves.

    your childhood friend

  • Rob labio

    I recently purchased this book and it was such a compelling read. Gives you an insight into life dealing with issues that were undiagnosed. Constantly torn between laughing and crying. Hopefully, this helps Mark even more and also helps other people who are dealing with these types of issues.

  • Danny

    Fantastic book! It’s an eye-opener for sure, Mark has definitely been through the mill throughout his early years and still deals with some of his demons today. This book has its fair share of sad, harrowing, and inspiring stories and has a true insight into the life of his struggles with PTSD. I’d recommend this book to anyone and I am sure this book will help many others with their own personal battles in life. You should be proud of this one Mark, a real true journey.

  • Clair

    Finally got around to finding some time to read today, and oh my goodness couldn’t put it down, finished it in one sitting !!
    I laughed and cried along with Mark, it’s hard to believe someone has been through so much in a lifetime. The failures of
    the police and health professionals toward him are shocking. Without knowing it I’ve lived by Marks's philosophy of RUN
    WHEN YOUR NUMB, for years and it’s certainly worked for me. I’ve gifted both my girls the book for Christmas, both
    working as healthcare professionals, as a must-read. Wishing Mark all the love and good health for the future.

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